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About the Author: Keith Wareing [NO2ETF]


  1. Nice bunch of people and a great talk.
    Would love to see your discussion on privacy coins next time πŸ™‚
    Suggestions : Enigma, DeepOnion (Both doing right things at the moment)
    Also some thoughts on IOT related coins like ITC, IOTex, IOTC

  2. We dropped from a crazy all time high and a lot of new comers got burnt. I feel like it could be a couple of years before a recovery starts happening. 0x53c7c354118dC5CC57947BB149C3dB8a11cC13aF

  3. Just a thought, I want to see ico team photos with each team member holding a piece of paper with the date and role hand written on it. Or even better with a short video stating their name and role. Enough of this linkedin photo shit which can be faked. It would go a long way for trust.

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