Bitcoin Break Out Is Not What We Expected! Positive Bitcoin Indicator!

We didn’t expect it to happen this way but it did happen. What do you think of my analysis?

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  1. It takes a lot of paying attention to market behaviour to get really, really good at this. I just know that when I see a particular stock that is liquid–lots of trading volume–and large swings up and down…THIS is what I pay attention to. Along with sector movement, market movement, news, etc and make decisions based on that. It's difficult to learn this quickly, and I also have the luxury of working from home (one computer is for work and a separate computer is for trading.) I have an eye on the market everyday…EVEN if I'm not in a position. For assistance, you can ask Bob Jason, a friend and trader that has helped a lot to achieve profits they never thought they could, myself inclusive. His signals and strategies are some of the most accurate out there and you can reach him by mail on bobjasonc@gmail .com

  2. Nice reframing and perspective here. Despite much of the negative news about the bitcoin breakout, this could be a nugget that few have seen…

  3. Good Job ?????. Im From Austria and i understand every single word you talking about ??. Other crypto youtuber no chance to understand. You explain this slowly and simple ??????. I think thats the point where it will go up, because its every Year the same ?. I hope that McAffee is right for end of 2020 ???

  4. Hello ?, Thanks for the update Videos. Although XRP continuously report positive news the price stays fairly static and I wonder if there needs to be more of a fundamental / financial assessment analysis should be done to find out what is fair value? I believe Market cap does not have details of OTS trades and thus it's not possible to ascertain what the price should be and in addition I would also like to know how the class action law suit may or may not affect the price. Please focus on this as will most likely dictate the worth of XRP. can you please do a Video on this?

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