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  1. Amazing hardware and good specs. Id never pay that much for something running Windows though. That shitty OS doesnt do that thing justice. Why not have a new OS designed specifically (and only) for Microsoft’s hardware? Designing Win10 to work on everything makes it clunky and unreliable

  2. that thing looks so, so peng. I want one. Usually, I custom build my computers, but that is beyond anything I could build. I want one. When I get a job, I'm getting one

  3. i believe you are waiting for some updates from google to be able to give your review cause its bad? cause its been a month since ive been waiting for your pixel 3 review mate…

  4. No, thanks. also dislike on this one because whenever you' re unboxing any apple product you're always bitching about 6-7 things. But all of a sudden today you seem SO happy about this ugly wannabe iMac thing. this video seems way to bias to me, Will looks cute as usual though.

  5. Do apple have something like this??? if not that is interesting. I can you this Microsoft surface studio 2 awesome 🙂

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