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  1. Today is my first day with the psvr headset and I got nauseated after 2 hours of play..I checked you tube and then tried candy, ginger ale, then micheladas nothing worked.. Then I started feeling better. My lady put on some natural oils with a diffuser and she tried the mint oil. I don't know what it is but it just leveled me out. She used a 4 life brand.. But I don't think brand name matters. If you try it? Let me know if it works for you.

  2. Narrowing field of view with DJI adjustment wheel definitely can work. Reason is that your brain interprets you as being in a movie theater rather than in the virtual reality world. Especially effective if in fast moving or jerky video feeds with fast panning motion.

  3. Motion sickness is due to our eyes viewing extreme motion and our brains sending signals the bodys muscles and organs to produce acids that it would need in such real life situations. Since the body isnt actually moving it doesn't really need the sudden shunt of excess acids, as a result, we get sick from the overload. This actually happens in the real world in extreme movement situations like on rides at the amusement park and or rollercoasters when the world around us is spinning or moving fast, or on a boat when the horizon is bobbing up and down. The key is that our brain is interpreting what our eyes see and preps our body chemically. Much of the way our body prevents sickness is via our eyes blinking. In the real world when we look around and turning our heads, we instinctively blink our eyes as not to see the extreme motion unbroken. Our eyes also spot targets, locks and focus on objects, and doesn't actually scroll around, as is done in a videogame. when we watch a monitor we are focused on a plane, and the eye is fixed on content, In VR due to head motion the view rotates and we see more unbroken motion and our eye blink if at all during head turns because our eyes is still fixed on the plane of the screen. all that motion interpreted by the brain get turned into a buildup of acids and in no time motion sickness. the way to fwart of motion sickness is to blink often to reduce seeing extreme movements
    This very same problem was tackled years ago by early VR developers. They faced the same problems of latency and motion sickness. One solution to the problem was as mentioned blinkin, but they did fine that the VR users still didnt blink as they naturally would because the eyes is focus on a screen despite the content being displayed. just as a person wouldnt blink shaking their head left and rite watching a television, the solution was simple. The creating blinking within the game itself. as the user turned their heads the screen would blink in the same timeframe as a real eye. This reduced the amount of visual extreme motion that the brain didnt have to process. And as such greatly reduced motion sickness.

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