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  1. Hell nah a 7.5 ? Man have you played black ops compared to bfv….bfv is a masterpiece…this dude was whiney about the building rooms not having furniture the fk ?

  2. Don't care about all this drama and judging from the gameplay I will enjoy it as much as any of the older battlefields

  3. For anyone that isn't aware, a 7.5 for an AAA game from IGN is basically the lowest score they could give it. Meaning that this game is trash

  4. I wonder how much money ea gave IGN to give it a 7.5….I bet fallout 76 will get a positive review cuz all the money Bethesda probably gave IGN

  5. Don’t buy it. Got deluxe and I regret it.
    The game seems to be focus mostly on infantry gameplay. Tanks are underpowered and planes are pretty much useless

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