Bitcoin ETF, did Craig Wright just kill it?

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Bitcoin ETF, did Craig Wright just kill it?

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  1. If Bitcoin were to crash to $1000 it wouldn't be the worse thing, for some reason people believe that the space can't survive without Bitcoin, they're wrong, if people see another coin take the top spot, even if it's momentary, it would be the catalyst to decouple Bitcoin from alt coins for good.

  2. If one guy can crash bitcoin or this market..this market doesn't deserve existence. .and I'm an investor in it.. this is way way bigger and he is just being used to manipulate this market more

  3. Btc has grown and will continue to grow with or without an etf.if csw sells all his bitcoin then he loses more power.Price drops and more of the real people will buy putting more btc in the peoples hands where it belongs.sure it may slow things down temporarily but its a waiting game anyway.all this crap.m will pass.besides everyone isn't going to spend their money with a man who threatens to destroy everything.that would be suicidal and foolish.everyone ain't that stupid

  4. If in fact Wright has sabatoged our prospects for a bitcoin ETF, then this could definitely be a huge setback for the crypto market- a rejection this time would be far more damaging than any in the past due to the current level of expection. It is most certainly causing many to requestion the proof of work model and probably the whole idea of decentralization. However, I'm hoping it's just a painful step in the evolution of the space that will further bring to light the advantages of a coin like XRP. Bitcoin deserves all the respect for opening the path, but I think at this point the sooner the market can decouple, the better. Even IF Wright has the power to bring Bitcoin to it's knees with his pissing contest, I'm hoping the market and institutional powers are sensible enough not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  5. it is nothing. the hashwar was never attempted before. this shows the capability of blochain and how secure it is. so what r u you're talking about you hate BCH to begin with.
    maybe it is about time something good surfaces to take over BTC , cuz BTC hasn't done shit in 10 years. just buy and hold and use the credit card. ask Jimmy as all he talks about is BCH .the bashing n spreading FUD. and brainwashing you to believe in a useless BTC.
    Screw C wright . i don't believe in tyranny..(BCH)ABC all the way.

  6. I believe Roger Ver hooked up with some chinese to add the wormhole protocol(ETH) to bch and Wright was against it. They want to have the capability to do ICO's. Sv stands for Satoshis vision.

  7. There would be many investors ready to trade some BTC for a hit on that asshole.
    It could be that this type of sabotage will greatly benefit XRP and its ability to decouple from BTC.
    As far as delaying an ETF, could it be considered that BTC has a lot more to lose than XRP which actually has a use case?

  8. 2019 will bring a cryptowar as bitcoin cash and sv vs bitcoin and ripple litecoin etc…. Decoupling of bitcoin from all other coins as bitcoin will not be number 1 forever. First shots have been fired!!!

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