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  1. anyone found the limitless amo glitch with the twin sub-machine guns?? just pick up any other weapon then pick up the sub-machine guns agian and there you have it the guns are fully loaded 600 rounds..(xbox 360 glitch)

  2. Whoever did this little bit of clever editing in the intro to this and the shadow of the colossus reviews should be praised. I find it very memorable and I still watch them 12 years later just because of the impression that they gave me. Also I own both of these games because of these reviews. So I think you guys should try this again. It just makes the games and review more intriguing.

  3. This is one of the badass first person shooters evr.These guys on here really really want to kill you.They swear at you and each other.Set traps for you and ambush you.Forget about the second one.I haven't played the third so can comment.But this game fkn kicks major ass.Full on balls out devious ai.What a game.Awesome

  4. OH MY GOD, this game is amazing! and i dont mean the graphics im not that sort of guy who cares about the graphics im talking about the gameplay my god its amazing! and i was having doubts with the A.I if they were really that smart and they are!,my god! its amazing how a 2005 game can beat modern fps A.I's

  5. I looked at it as since you are investigating the situation you're collecting intel wherever you can find it. But one thing is for sure the gun play is rewarding to do especially if you can pull off a combo without taking any damage. Also FEAR seems like one of the few horror series that got more scary in the expansion packs. But also suffered the dreaded curse of bad sequels. FEAR 2 was good but not great, FEAR 3 felt like a typical shooter.

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