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  1. Cool and all, but who wants to rush home just to transfer Pokemon to their home console system? If this were on the 3DS instead, I could take it anywhere, but alas, it's not, it's on the home console, and I'm not always home all the time to play.

  2. question if you transfer from phone to switch are they locked on the switch then and cant go back to your phone? or can you catch them and then send them back to the phone?

  3. I got mix feeling about this on one hand I love my teams on Pokémon go but if anything were 2 happen 2 my phone or the Pokémon go game they gotta have a safe place 2 go 2 so….I don’t know about that ?

  4. Is there a story to this or is it just walking around? Believe me when I say this but I’ve never played a Pokémon game. But I have watched the complete original series lol

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