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  1. This definitely looks like a game worth playing. I got it free on Xbox Live and well sorry but farming-like games, fighter games and card games don't do it for me but this will.

  2. anyone remember this game before it was a space ship shooter? it used to be a strictly multiplayer game where NOBODY played but it was cool because you could run on a planet you could jump and let the gravity of a planet pull you in….. or am i thinking of another game?

  3. "Just might be the closest any of us get to flying an X-Wing starfighter in an epic space battle."
    Ever heard of the game Star Wars: X-Wing?

  4. the free games on gold for xbox one aren't that great, but at least they r giving us something. i just wish they would give us two games every month instead of giving one new game and keeping one of last months games for free. Halo spartan assault, Max, and Chariot r the best free games they have given so far. i hope they give something good next month. Volgarr looks ok but i only played 5 mins of it so far

  5. When I want to know more about a game, I always check for an IGN review. I don't think this particular review met the standard I'm used to seeing from IGN. From the repeated dialogue to the profanity… Very disappointed.

  6. Really? We are meant to take this as serious reviewing? Are you kidding me? You repeated an entire line in immediate succession, and then proceeded to call the game "Straight Suit Zero"? How can you get this wrong? Not only did you READ wrong at least once, and repeated yourself, your "editors" (if you have any) let it go right by? This is completely unbelievable. I used to come to IGN for unbiased and thought out reviews, and now you have idiots running the show on reviews? 

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