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(10.25.18) In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV interviews venture capitalist Tim Draper on the Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

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  1. Tim´s prediction is desesperation, he has a lot of money at stake maybe he bought a lot of bitcoin at $5000. He will never stop fommenting this narrative.

  2. One way to consider a blockchain project is through its market cap. Another way, closer to the real value, is observing the activity on the blockchain. Lots of FUD and HYPE are responsible for "misplaced" capital in the cryptocurrency space. Here, we are observing which project is actually being used by people, which is in our opinion, the best predictive indicator of value you can have.

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  4. Expect a sharp drop short term for Bitcoin and ALT coins, then sideways action. Do not fear this drop. The WORLD LOW for Bitcoin is in and I expect upwards momentum incoming from mid to late November. This is in fact an opportunity to BUY INTO CRYPTOS – we have approximately 8 days sideways and then one more jump mid November. Things are looking good and the algorithm is picking up plenty activity in OTC (under the table dealings) money flowing into cryptos. Don’t wait and buy now ? Don’t forget to add NPXS to your portfolio ? Bitcoin will surpass 20k eoy ? Lets go bulls ?

  5. Been about a year since crypto started to rip, and there is still no widespread adoption; no smart contracts; and virtually no use cases. Pretty obvious these coders have absolutely no idea how to develop a useful product or service, and no idea how to market their project. These coders are also very obviously unmotivated. Not expecting any use cases or smart contracts for another 2 – 3 years, and no increase in prices for another 3 – 5 years. Looks like the smart money agrees because they are waiting for things to be developed, and using their capital for other things for the next half decade.

  6. ☘️☘️hey Chris you got that one dead right ☘️☘️I would be a billionaire if I had millions during 2016/17 to invest in Bitcoin☘️☘️ you know the old saying Money Makes Money??

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