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  1. it can replace a laptop only for THE most basic user. But lets say suddenly you get an email and you need to print a document.. you need the specific printer drivers.. where do you install those? And a colleague asks you to open up command prompt and ping his server.. suddenly tears start coming out of your eyes since you can't do actual work!

  2. I managed to transfer 90% of my overflow to Android already, but some stuff related to microcontrollers still need a PC with Linux or Windows, because it relies on specialized program made on PC platforms or that relies on a serial ports.

  3. I’m a very very small YouTuber and I have edited 100 out of 151 my videos with LumaFusion on IPad Pro 10.5 2017. If you red this plz subscribe it won’t costs you anything and you help me reaching my dream that is having 100000 subscribers. Currently I have about 62000 subscribers. Thank you so much.

  4. You're a BRAVE MAN!!! You might be able to get by only for two weeks but even then you'll quickly begin to understand the limitations of iOS! Good luck to you my dude!

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