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  1. Since this game won't have a pvp, they should have game mode where you can form clans to gather resources to create forts that other players can challenge. You know customize it with turrets, traps, npc enemies, and if your clan grinded enough resources…. They could stick a giant enemy boss in to help defend the fort.

  2. They should introduce consumable items that can be used to temporarily boost damage output (either a general increase or specific to certain types of weaponry) , damage speed, flight speed, runing speed, swimming speed, resistance to certain damage types, and longer duration of combos allowing for more damage to be dealt etc. This would be great for random boss battle events.

  3. I am hoping everything can be earned in game fairly easily due to the fact it is all cosmetics. If it was by level that would be acceptable in my opinion because you earn more customization over time. I understand everyone's fear of the micro transactions due to the fact EA is publishing this and it wouldn't surprise me either if there were especially with the success of fortnite skins and how many of those people buy. However, this is a 60 dollar game with a season pass probably so more closer to 90. I want this to be amazing but if there are paywalls that hinder game play then i am not purchasing because i am currently liking the other titles I am playing. This is a wait and see and i advise others to do the same due to its a new title and no one really knows what this game is actually gunna be like. They can hype it up and say its all great but we have heard that song and dance a lot in this industry. Let's hope for the best.

  4. I am so cautiously optimistic about this game. If there are ANY micro-transactions that affect game play, beyond being aesthetically pleasing (read: skins), I will not support Anthem. I really hope loot crates become a thing of the past as well.

  5. if anyone here is at all under the impression that this game is gonna be ANYTHING like what we see in press leading up to it I hate to inform you you've been duped

  6. We all know this is going to be micro-transactions galore. Being EA, they'll push the boundary of how much they can get away with, and after enough people complain and they hit their profit goal, they'll put the standard "after listening to our fan's feed back" apology statement and wind down the ministrations on the game.

  7. Let's show them all the features available that's not locked to reviewers. That'll be fair to everyone whos watching and thinking of buying!

    Tossing that far pass, nice try EA your lock content wont even pass my eye's anymore.

  8. What's the point of customizing without pvp? Sorry for those who are enjoying the single player experience but all this fine tuning is useless because you probably won't need to go this deep to finish 99% of the content and there is no way to compare your setup to others. Wasted opportunity in my opinion I will be passing on this game.

  9. Preordered the hell out of this. Website thingy didn't work for me… but none the less, I'm hella stoked for this Pacific Rim-like game. I love mech suits.

  10. there is nothing insane about this, this is the blandest and standard customization in game nothing new unless you build each piece from scratch or found items this wont be interesting at all.

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