Bitcoin Cash Hashwar Livestream (Post CSW)

Livestream covering the events after surprise CSW Interview. I will post the “Interview” with Craig Wright as soon as I get access to it.


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  1. Nobody wants to go to a boxing fight where one side jumps out of the ring if they think they will lose. They won't jump out of boxing ring and hunt you down. They'll just laugh at you and sell a real fight to real paying fight fans.

  2. I'd like to add that blockchain technology in itself is quite resilient against attacks but the crypto community around it is rather vulnerable to social attacks/engineering. We have now seen this social attacking going on for many years and it starts affect the crypto community. Paid trolls throwing shit around in the chats and comments and the types like CSW and Blockstream guys + BTC core main devs. Yeah I mean we just have to re-organize crypto community to battle against these corrupted banksters and government agents.

  3. You guys know that Binance is pro BTC. CZs woman counterpart,Yi He, is preaching something about BTC gospel and that BTC is like Jesus. Binance even endangered users security and privacy by partnering with a spying firm, Chainalysis, on 17th October 2018. So clearly the rapid success and money flow fucked their heads quickly. All of this is why BCH was listed there as BCC (looks like BitConneCt abbreviation) and Binance tries to mess up a little bit more now with names. CZ said in a tweet that he hates forks so he hated BCH already since 2017.

  4. If no one split their coins then you're safe for for one way or the other is completely neutral the destruction comes to us when we accept a split then failure is of knowledge I'm just saying like we're monkeys we could have prevented that by not spitting our coins staying neutral until the dust has settled

  5. When you laugh at person that has a heart wanting to help others and change the world for the better, that reflects very badly on yourself.
    You know why you are like that? because you were born and grew up in system that wants you to not have a heart… that system is called Capitalism.
    "its nothing personal, its just business" is a very common used saying in Capitalism. This is exactly why American society is such shit in the first place and why people that run it (what you call the Deep State, and you don't even know who the deep state people are) brainwashed you to hate systems which benefits its workers, and why you are brainwashed to hate Socialism, then your hate is used to go on become a "patriot" and go on "Free the world of the Evil Socialism" by killing others and the deep state putting its puppets to fuck those people over there as well. American society is most brainwashed society on the planet.

  6. ABC miners can't just shift hash back and forth as needed… because they don't know how much POW SV have in shadow mining… so they will have to have sustained hash support for a long time or get reorg'd. OR they can hurpa durpa checkpoint all the time by fiat declaration all the time.

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