Bitcoin CRASH Technical Analysis Chart 11/14/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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  1. Do you see a potential for alt coins which are more on the side of POS instead of POW overtaking BTC/BCG-forkapalooza? Especially ones with strong consensus and voting mechanisms.
    Great point about averaging down. – Thanks for all you do.

  2. Lol drama drama drama. Total nonsense though, the Bitcoin cash debacle and hard fork did not cause the drop. By the way, what is the reason of the existence of BCH? That coin brings no innovation to the industry, just a scam coin by some scam artists. I bet this internal war is fake to create the perfect exit strategy to justify the end of a shit coin. Stay away from it, just like EOS…
    The price went over the long term resistance line and then retested it multiple times and couldn't hold it so now it is testing the support of the falling wedge. Comparing fractals from the 2014 bear market anticipated this movement as well. The end of the bear market is very close!

  3. Better to be all cash in hand until the government steps in to regulate and get the cancer people out of there. Best to wait even if you buy a bit higher but at least you ain’t gonna lose money to crooks. Looks like crypto is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better and that might take years! Good luck everyone

  4. if you are interested in getting back all you have lost i will walk you through the basics of what cryptocurrencies are, the challenges they face, how to responsibly invest and how they may impact the future of it. contact me via my mail (davidgibson5050

  5. People can find any story to fit the narrative why we dumped. The feud with bch can be a good reason but there can always be a reason that we can fit to what ever story we want u know

  6. they are all crooks, the bitcash would be nice to see them destroy themselves..this is exactly what happened in 2014…death cross/ Mt whatever at that time…

  7. Dan i took out my crypto at 18k on bitcoin, i left a small portion in there… I could care less about the drop now, infact i cheer it on… I still believe in the tech, and at 5k will start dollar cost averaging:) When things look the most bleak, that is when you must buy, not sell. When things look too good to be true, sell. Thats my motto.

  8. Hey Dan love your little goat…I always joke I’m a goat cause I’m certainly not one of the sheep ? I wish I could send you video of my animals (cookaburras, magpies, butcher birds)who fly in each day for breakfast lunch and dinner and the kangaroos that hop in too, it would cheer you up they bring me so much joy ?Thanks for your updates, you always manage to put things into perspective. Enjoy some time out in the sun ☀️

  9. Cryptoverse is changing before our eyes and ETN will drive it to the next level. Buckle up people, watch what the next year brings. Regulations coming in and these days of hardcore manipulation are coming to an end. Crypto is moving away from speculation and toward fundamental value.

    Look for cryptos that are focused on their coin. That’s my take anyway.
    Thanks for the video.

  10. You nail it about BTH. My view of the crypto market is a bit far from some of the ideas of crypto. I hope you can teak the time to read this comment because I will try to explain my view and do something good. When looking at the actual us case over 2000 cryptos got it is hard to tell what is a survivor  and what will be profitable. I will put them in groups after their value by needs.

    Group A) Electroneum and other coins with all legal papers done and a us case, and design for all


    In group B) And then we got the currency that got contracts and all sorts of benefits and is a ecosystem in itself, they got some survival capacity and can be awesome.

    In group C) we got coins like BTC, BTH and all those a like that only us case is speculative, they have no value like a stock, no us case and is to slow to act like a currency. 

    In Group D) there is the Home of privacy coins. Don't need them and they are a threat tho the good people in the society.

    What have Electroneum ( ETN ) done?. It is a coin that work with regulation KYC= know your customer and AML= Anti Money laundry. That is important for nations and individuals, roles are for a society to function not to harm. Since ETN got all that, they have sign contracts with mobile companies around the world. ETN got fiat parring in Euro, Dollar, Turkey Lira and Brazilian dollar. When a company takes payment in ETN the transaction is instant and the company get ETN that is converted in to fiat, It got the back office solution to keep the accountant happy and the lawyer happy.

    In Q1 2019 the launch of Gig guru. It is the way ETN is starting to create digital jobs for the unbanked one of the main targets of ETN. With digital currency design for mobile us for the unbanked and buy giving them the tools to develop them self this is huge and will change many life and lift many out of powery, only that is a reason for promoting us of ETN. For me as living god in Norway this is crypto as it best, a ground breaker that will change the lives for millions and is so far from a ego trip that BTH is. What ETN is doing is a more mature way of bringing the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto out in real life for those that needs it. ETN is going for the 99% market and not the 1% that crypto is to day. Visit us the good community at and get to know this coin it is amazing, we do good thing every day. Happy days

  11. Thank you Dan for your wise words. Yes only money and not worth doing anything drastic or permanent. Be well everyone out there in crypto space and remember this is only temporary. The bulls WILL return.

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