Bitcoin Breaks the Floor… How Bad is This?

Bitcoin broke the key support levels at 6000. But how bad is this and what do the charts say? We examine the facts.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


  1. 1:25 "We had no reason to be in bitcoin"? Fuck off Alessio, stop contradicting yourself please. You said yourself there was a reason to be in bitcoin. Seasonality and all that shit. Don't say there was no reason to be in bitcoin. VERY hypocritical of you sir. Please stahp it, thanks.

  2. I have to agree with you. where is the market going to come back, when it is real only at this moment, and tomorrow it will be different? it's interesting that whenever there are drops, everyone talks about the decline of cryptocurrencies. Was it the same when the stock market in the last weeks when there were such big drops? Probably not. So I'm looking at the future with positive thoughts. I've invested in the FuturoCoin altcoin and I hope it will bring me profits.

  3. Alessio 2 questiona: 1 bitcoin even before make a major move up always went down. I remember when it reaches more than 3k last year, came back to 1.5 and than hit 6k+ and the same for 12k and só on.. it’s my happening the same ?
    2 question. Have you looked at ripple chart? Never broke the floor, the major support and even came back.. now I know that every crypto is affected by bitcoin price, but it’s possible that ripple, been a centralised crypto, will not?

  4. Said a month ago that Bitcoin has been trending sideways for months…100% certainty that a break either way will confirm the future direction.

  5. Its over guys. Once climate change really gets on the political agenda there will be no room for crypto. I will be suprised if Crypto wont be banned in most countries during the next decade. Dont expect 2017 to happen again.

  6. Alessio u gave a certainty on breaking the 5800 lvl. What happened on the probability case. LoL. But thanks for a awsome video. Let's not forget that BTC can do major fluctuations like last year it was pumping a $1000 a week so I am not to worried about this drop. For some it's just a buy signal.

  7. it's usual that the price goes up and down.
    if you get bitcoin for free, does the price matter anymore?
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  8. "…I'm bullish…Unless, it goes less than 6k…ok, Bitcoin is done, it's done…Wait, I'm bullish again…oops, IDK…lol…." Folks, please take a look back at the only other bear market in BTC history. We are retracing the same action move for move so far. Provided this continues, based on percentages between the mean ATH in December 2013 and the mean ATL following from the last bear market, I expect we are going to see prices as low or, somewhat lower than 3.8K in about 6 to 8 months from now. Then another 6 to 8 month consolidation period before the next bull run that could take us into 6 digits.

  9. No matter how pro each claims he is , it all comes down to to rubbish . Admission doesnt help . Predictions are just that , nothing more , based more on hope than truth. When it fails there is always a legit explanation with hindsight . That doesnt help us. So , I come to the conclusion that Bitcoin isnt meant for the public but only for professionals who can afford to lose .

    And NO Alessio , 99% off us are NOT professionals . If we were we would not need to listen to you. So I think its best to close down . The technology and options , devices , methods , availability of legit info etc is beyond the average layman on whose money you and the big fish are banking so as to use as a stepping stone to enhance your own portfolio. Most of you will see the red lights before the crash and act accordingly . By the time you report it to the laymen we are cooked already . That leaves a sour taste and no faith . Back to gold and silver .

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