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  1. This mess is what you get when you announce a single player game is now MP only then spend months saying but single players can still play for me the game in part does not know that it is meant as it tries to be everything and fails

  2. “The more I play the game the less I want to play the game”

    Literally why are you stalling this review? Playing a game should be fun an enjoyable. If playing a game is a chore, stop and play something else. This game deserves a 1/10 just for that statement alone. There are games like CoD and BF that split a community, but for the people who like the game it's fun an enjoyable. Maybe not for everyone, but the majority of people enjoy playing the game.

  3. I was looking forward to bethesda’s new sci-fi game until i saw the reaction to this game, and the fact that theyre using the same garbage engine

  4. Obviously they are not allowed to say anything bad about the game. Like when you have to poop and they force you not to. You try to fight but in the end you have to succumb to the temptation.

  5. Skyrim is still my favorite game of all time, even though it's not the best in all aspects. Witcher 3 has better writing in my opinion. But the future of bethesda looks grim. I honestly have no faith for Elder Scrolls 6. Scrap the creation engine and start over.

  6. 2015: Review -> review score
    2018: Review in progress -> Review in progress v. 2 -> Multiplayer Review -> Singleplayer Review -> Battle Royale Review
    and after all that you get the review score…

  7. Game was given to me by my job. I still hate it. Even though it didn't cost me a dime I still want a refund because it took up space on my hard drive. Bethesda you let the gaming community down!!!

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