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  1. just downloaded, its a great game. It is simple to grasp what the point is, but when you are dodging in and out of nodes and have to make split decisions the whole time which way to go it is very intense.

  2. Video starts of sort of okay.. and then the bloke decides to do the voice over from 7 lightyears away ???? PS get a better microphone also.. Awful to listen to a droning voice at the best of times. But when the mic is shite then holy cow it's a pain.

  3. Am i the only one that doesnt get any kinda hype or fun while watching this game. It looks like a mobile game except it has pretty graphics. Dodge the laser you must and thats if

  4. Free game this month for PS4 Oct 2nd – Nov 6th.
    Looks interesting but also frustrating to learn. Not sure I'll be interested considering all the great games that come out this month. Ac odsy , cod 4, red dead redp 2

  5. At first I thought this game was boring , but that was just cause I was getting my ass waxed online. When you learn and start winning its very fun and rewarding… I play with my Spotify Music so its really lit.

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