Cheers Guys! Hoping this is the last sporadically released VR Show! I will try to get back to a regular release schedule next week! Two chats one in the intro …


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  1. Was going to get a vive for Xmas but holding off to see what happens with the valve headset if it materializes. Don't want to give my money to htc, they don't deserve my business

  2. i want to use my warthog with elite dangerous on the oculus quest. heres the response I got from Oculus regarding the Quest/quest store

    Applications or games purchased on the Rift would be available, let alone unlocked is completely up to the developer to decide. Whether that's porting the content over for free, or to have it paid for.

    In the case of Elite Dangerous, as they allow for you to unlock the content for free between Steam and Oculus, if they do release it for the Quest they may do the same. You can click here to read about their way of unlocking the content for both.

    As for Warthog joystick and steering wheel compatibility, at this time no compatibility has been mentioned. If supported on the Quest, you can read about it on our blog found here and developers would need to provide support for it to work as well.

  3. Im certainly interested in valves headset. I have a vive, but If i can afford valves headset when it comes out and its bundled with exciting new controllers and some new exciting valve game/s, i dont think i could help myself. Hopefully they dont do a nvidia with it, and bullshit its capabilities (rtx am on about). I guess the other factor for me will be will my 1080ti card be enough to power it for a few years.

  4. I clicked because it said "Oculus no more!" And I wanted to know what that was all about. Don't want to see one of my favorite vr companies go! But you didn't mention any of that in the video. What was that about?

  5. As i see it HTC and Facebook are moving away from Pc-VR and going standalone way, then you have Pimax, Star VR, XTAL that aim for the sky so i think its a great time for Valve to come in with a headset that is better then Rift and Vive but not aiming for the starts so they an set a nice price, ofc i hope its true they will start with Selling it for cost with knuckels and some off there 3 vr-games.

  6. ecosystem is irrelevant, i have mixed reality headset and can play every game ever made… no matter is is oculus, steam or whatever

    the mixed reality headsets are currently way above everything else, simply as they are cheaper and dont need base stations & fixed setups. it all comes down to resolution of the panels & quality of lenses & price.. all other is basically just nonsense.

  7. Epyx, it would be a for sure buy if Valve releases an HMD for me, no doubt !
    As an early vive adopter i know the entire story already what Valve went trough, they actually made VR for us and not really Oculus.
    Most peopel dont know the early oculus stories from valve engineers working with them and later on the partnership with HTC has all to do with not be able to go on with oculus (stories can find online about it).
    The rift is based on a old Valve hmd and the vive was a more completed version by Valve, see knuckles ev1 vs ev3, huge difference, so is the story about rift and vive.
    You are right that HTC indeed is going to try to get all vr users on their own platform, also oculus tries that, however thats never going to work out as people dont want hardware locked platforms.
    Thats also why you can see HTC vive port now oopens for even rift support and they added the Wave for mobile VR devices, their long trerm goal is for sure not letting people use another platform.
    Keep in mind that selling hardware is not realy making the biggest money, every game sold on nearly any platform will give the platform owner 30% revenue.
    It is the easiest way to make money as you dont need to make new hardware, its just a place where you buy virtual stuff.

    In a way Valve been f$^%ed by 2 companies already in the past and they need VR as a platform as steam is a PC game platform and PC sales where dropping due to too many console gamers and too many mobile players.
    VR would give PC gaming a big reboot too.

    Thats why thing are like they are IMHO and i will support valve as i truely stand behind them in the way to go along.
    All of this form a business perspective and also from a developers perspective, hope it help you more about the background story. 😉

    Cheers m8

  8. Valves hmd is more about protecting steamvr. Since htc could drop support for steamve if viveport gains ground. It already is bigger than steam in asian market.

  9. I just ordered a Odyssey+ at their Black Friday give of $299 to go along with my Vive (Wireless), but that potential Valve headset really had my interest. They don't have to have Pimax specs, if they can deliver between what we have now and the Pimax, with nice bump in FOV and wireless, I'm in!

    Make it a complete package with knuckle controllers, Lighthouses and undercut the Vive Pro and you have my pre-order day one.

  10. I will probably go with the oculus quest i want vr to be as advanced and complex as possible but i will never experience it with the current paywall. Quest is trying to fix this and that will earn my loyalty and money.

  11. I will only consider it after having heard the full specs, seeing some reviews and seeing the final price tag. If they can get that price tag low enough and if they toss in a few Valve made games, then I'd happily buy one so long as it's at least a 1.5 gen headset.

  12. If Half Life 3 comes to this headset, it will have a impact. I am not even a big half life fan i would think about buying the headset for this game. Thanks for still doing the Show!

  13. For the VR attrition, I agree that half the WMR headsets will pretty much vanish, but I also think WMR as a whole will stick around really hard if they keep that $200-$250 price tag, as it's probably the best budget option if you already bought a new powerful laptop with Windows 10.

    The one headset I think will die off at the start of 2020 would be the Pimax, at least in the domestic market. But even then it will be a very small presence as it's way too expensive for a general market, similar to the Vive Pro.

    But, I have a prediction, 2019 will be a year where VR adoption explodes due to the Oculus Quest. If it can do what it says, then it's basically another game console, but with the advantage of it being full blown VR and somewhat Portable (like a Switch). The sales of the Switch are massive, and the only thing I can think of that might slow this down would be the selection of games. Hopefully the 50 launch titles are comprehensive.

  14. Interesting episode. If I wasn't a Pimax backer I'd be more interested in the "leak" from Valve.

    Age of Sail and Crow: The Legend are very good. Both free so download them and give 'em a try folks.

  15. If valve has a good price point and half-life content to boot sounds good to me. and yes holding off my opinion about Pimax, because while it looks good still the price is a bit hefty also the main reviewers seems like they may have a vested interest, with that I am not sure, and am waiting for more neutral reviews

  16. I am very curious about the Valve headset, hopefully it's not another LG headset that's always in development and never gets released to the public. Right now, more SteamVR headsets are needed, hopefully inexpensive with good quality. HTC has held this throne for too long, their high prices with questionable quality control needs to be de-throned. I owned a Vive, couldn't believe how bad the quality of the controllers and lighthouses were, sold it off. Using a Rift right now but would like to get back to a SteamVR setup again, just not a HTC one and Pimax is also questionable, my very first HMD was a Pimax 4K, pathetic HMD it was so I'm very skeptical of the 5K+ and the 8K, not to mention no lighthouses or controllers from them yet. Sorry for my negativity, but it's all vaporware until I can buy it. lol

  17. I have held off the Pimax because a) It is overpriced even though much better value than the Vive Pro which was just a complete rip off and b) They are having production issues and C) It is a Chinese company manufacturing in China so my HMD dies and likely I have big CS/return issues.
    So if Valve get a HMD that beats or matches its spec within 2019 Q1 or maybe Q2 I will get that. Otherwise I will see how Pimax are getting on.
    Finally if won the lottery i will just buy Star One!

  18. Brilliant updates as always.. I think I would buy a valve HMD mainly due to the facts you've already mentioned. I would put my trust in it that it is here to stay and if bundled with HL3 then that would give it a clear advantage. But I really feel that they need to release this early 2019 as I am praying for some update for a second gen soon rather than this static experimental progress.

  19. If it doesn't connect to a PC and You can't use on it your SIM RIG to sim race fly in elite dangerous. It has no use for the price to me. So it sounds like True PC second gen is where i MAY jump into the next batch of headsets. Hopefully they don't race to the bottom like that oculus guy who left said or Pull an Antivision Lizard and go pure mobile VR-Immortal.

  20. Interesting stuff, as always.

    I read speculation that Sony skipping e3 2019 is an indication of them releasing PS5 in 2020. Also that developers already have PS5 dev kits, and they are powerful.

    If that's all true, I wonder what will happen with the PSVR at that time. I can't imagine they'll be putting a whole lot of focus on it, given the attach rate compared to the console itself.

    Hopefully they follow up the release of PS5 with a PSVR2 shortly afterwards. Eitherway though, current gen VR will be around for a long while yet!

  21. The slot could be for interchangeable batteries. If it's a standalone
    But seeing the photo, a standalone that will use the accuracy of light house tracking tech…

    Could offer standalone plus pc tethered quality for those having the pc.
    That's why the choice for letting the slot empty or fill it with an optional battery for standalone user

  22. What are your thoughts on star citizen, regarding crowdfunding. I've been following them, and they have been making major strides in game programming tech, which i believe will end up helping and improving all of the gaming industry.

  23. To answer your question.. I think I am on the fence for Pimax 5k and maybe Oculus S "If it comes out". Wouldn't mind selling my Oculus CV1 and get the CV1.5. Still wondering why I should purchase a 2080 Ti for 1/5 the price of a good used car. Selling my Nvidia 1070 might take off the $1500.00 sting only a minimal amount…

  24. Hello Epyx , today 11-18-2018 11am PCT time, —-> now ! Samsung website is having a Black Friday sale for the HMD ( Odyssey + ) for $299.99 with controllers Normally $499.99 So there's that…. I would suggest you watch MRTV Show yesterday where Sebastian called Samsung directly and the women there said there will be many to buy. Listen and watch this episode starting at 11:14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boCxTB3-0Es Sebastian is calling Microsoft, HTC, Samsung, and Best Buy all in USA. This is the best of all his episodes I've seen.

  25. I really enjoyed The Mage's Tale. While it was not a full blown RPG, it was much fun. I'm curious to see what Microsoft is planning for this company.

  26. I have a (Maxwell) TitanX and an older i7. I do have some issues with 1080 without thinking about 4k or 8k. So I'm waiting to see how it all pans out.

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  28. Just bought an HTC Vive after having played around with the DK2 since 2015. Nice upgrade, but i can still count the pixels, which made me interested in the Pimax. I've also heard about Valve working on something and the Oculus gen 2 is rumored to be around (also at 150-ish FOV).

    I actually considered getting a Vive pro, but it is still 110' FOV with some higher pixel density so, it wasn't a hard choice to go with the regular vive.

    I'd love to play free of cables, but the go does not have depth perception (basically just a 3D display from what i've heard) and the Oculus Quest would made good Christmas gifts – that is, if they had launched it now instead of Q1-Q2 2019.

    I'm interested in the Pimax 8K, but currently there isn't many graphics cards that can deliver an acceptable experience for it, the GTX 2080 TI is under powered for it and until game designers starts utilizing the features of it, all it's gonna give you is a 30% boost over your 1070, according to a video i saw somewhere on youtube.

    So basically, i'm going to wait until next gen for the next purchase. I'm set for the next 2-3 years in VR, maybe i'll get a Quest and i'll watch the market and see how the Valve and Rift 2 products develop. If all else fails, i'll get a Pimax 8K in 3 years and a graphics card capable of delivering a high FPS for it at that point.

    I've been waiting for VR since i tried it on a SGI workstation in 1995, and after 20 years of being disappointed – it is finally happening.

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