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  1. Battlefield 5 shouldn’t of been another world war type of game. If you name a legit title like that the fans plus myself would of agreed to modern combat. I haven’t seen too much gameplay & honestly I’m not going to even buy battlefield 5. Can’t wait for the modern.

  2. They could do different types of battle royale maps and reintroduce levolution like Battle field 4. Like an underground map that is slowly collapsing around the players. Or an island with a rising storm surge in the middle of a hurricane. Or even a jungle map that is being destroyed by an erupting volcanoe. The amount of time could also vary.

  3. I hate when people like these guys just start throwing random numbers like “it would be cool to see 200 people battling against each other”. If they even had the slightest idea of how much workload that would be for the servers and our consoles.

  4. This video is the equivalent of a bunch of dudes saying “you know what would be cool” to a bunch of his friends but it’s owned my a large online gaming conglomerate so now we all have to watch this

  5. "it needs to be unique"

    So, you're saying destructible terrain wasn't unique enough? They said themselves the map will be the most destructible and largest yet.

  6. I'm kinda happy that they didn't make the Battle Royale announcement such a big deal with the marketing (and yeah the marketing was a failure itself, but thats not my point). By making the royale one of the "new main modes" that would be on launch, betraying bf fans that like classics like conquest. They just kinda tacked it on for later for those who might be interested, but isn't completely intrusive to the people that would rather play the classic modes.

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