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My new course #2 is now live on Udemy.

It shows my trading style with intermediate to advanced strategies you’ve seen me use to make consistent profit every week in the market. It also has a high emphasis trading psychology.
To purchase with a credit card on Udemy:

Step 1) For Course #2
Use this link to access course #2 with password: philakone

The password is my name: philakone

For Course #1. You need to understand course #1 to learn course #2)
Use this link to access course #1 with password: philakone

The password is my name: philakone
To purchase with cryptocurrency. Note that there may be a delay of up to 24 hours to process.

Step 1)
Send the following to:

0.030 BTC to Address: 357j3P2CuybfWh13V4uig9TJDJdqiR8CMx

0.91 ETH to Address: 0xc7a004b214db83bb05eee99f3d0e06ad02b858fc

380 XRP to Address and Tag: rLW9gnQo7BQhU6igk5keqYnH3TVrCxGRzm / Wallet: 120086840

3.67 LTC to Address: LL7misJsxX8kDzjnbvxupetVykCP58B1ZD

Step 2)
Once payment is sent, please send me a screen shot by direct message on Twitter of your transcation directly from your exchange. If you also reply to any of my tweets #udemy, I’ll DM you as soon as I see it too.

Step 3)

I’ll send provide a free voucher to access the course.
I look forward to seeing many students in the class.

Note: If you send the wrong amount by accident, I cannot refund crypto for security reasons since my withdraw is always 100% locked.

I also offer a support group that runs for 4 months from November 2nd to Feb 28, with spaces limited to only 1,000 students, where I’ll dedicate the next 4 months to answering every single question you ask. This support group can be accessed for 4 months for $195.


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  1. Don't print any sensitive information – the data is stored in the printer's memory and the WPA/WPA2 security system was found to have vulnerabilities. Even when password protected that information can be read by third parties relatively easily

  2. Hi Philakone
    And I'm grateful for what you are doing for us.
    Much appreciated. I saw you grow into this awesome person within a year.
    Thanks for the motivational talk and please, please keep it up for us baby whales.
    Love you man

  3. Too bad I can't short where I am with the available exchanges. This market is sure making me pessimistic. Approaching 80% correction from ATH.

  4. We create our lives we are creators. If we want our life to be different then create it differently. I have a way for you to be happy in your life filled with gratitude! Keep up the great videos

  5. You do know that bitcoin is in the 3rd of 3rd wave down, in the teeth of major drop. Prices are going to continue to drop hard below $4000. While it may pause there, its destination is sub $1000. You must be objective to see that the price has much further to fall.

  6. Never double down past your stop-loss. Sage advice!

    Had to learn this the hard way… Liquid on my screen and in my eyes.
    Great video!

  7. I’ve been done with trading for some time, just looking for a long term long/investment. Cashed out at 6.5K and bought some tonight at 4.9K and buy orders set down to 3K ish. Good video as always mate.

  8. Thanks so much phil. Been following you for more than a year and learned tons. Actually are now making more with trading than with my regular job. Your lessons on risk management have really helped me to not freak out in weeks like these but to make profit, be safe and relaxed, and looking forward for the bounce we will get in the coming hours. Thanks so much!

  9. Dr. Phil…starts off with some food for thought to make sure everyone is level headed, then he breaks it down. Hopefully I’ll have 100 BTC one day. I’m at around 5-6 w/o alts lol. You know, you lose count after SO MANY…ha I did think I was pretty heavily invested until you just dropped a 100 bomb tho…fml

  10. As long as she's paying for herself, I wish you all the best. Learn from the last one. I don't want to see you distracted again. You're on fire when you're focused.

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