Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork | Hash Wars Turn into Protracted Battle (ABC vs SV)

The latest Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network update has resulted in a complex battle, and the blockchain has been split into two: BCH ABC is in one corner, and BCH SV is in the other. In This video we will look at the current state of bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV hash power and who is winning the current battle
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  1. If Craig Wright was the real Satoshi, Roger and Jihan wouldnt stand a chance. Roger Ver and Jihan are finally separating from this imposter.

  2. Satoshi vision was BTC SV he/she/they would have called it so right out of the gate. what next Bcash? BTC OV (original vision)? all of this nonsense is just to get a free coin without actually having to do anything original. like BCH from BTC. that is more of the TRUE reason

  3. BCH getting hammered. Roger should have stuck with BTC. He has probably confused many people who are now at a huge percentage loss and might not recover. BTC is lower but will survive and surprise.

  4. I dont understand how moving hash power from BTC to BCH would make the BTC price drop. I thought the only difference would be transactions would take longer to be confirmed?

  5. Not sure how can call ABC conservative. Totally changing foundational code sounds radical to me. SV is conservative as they are going back to original recipe.

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