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  1. That beat in the introduction, man that is the best beat ever. I actually found that beat on Spotify while in the search of a rap song. And I used to think you create all that introduction music. Still, love it!

  2. Best wireless earbuds for working out in hot yoga and sauna etc??? Water resistant? Water proof? I've had a pair of beats studio and beats x die from moisture from just cardio. Was looking at Bose sound sport wireless. Probably going to pick up a pair on black friday.

  3. AirPods 2 that would be sick but waterproofing longer battery wireless charging better drivers just a few things that could be fixed if they are doing a AirPods 2 any time soon

  4. The second generation of Apple AirPods is mysteriously expected to be with a lighting port.
    It means if you've an iPhone and the latest iPad, the rumored second generation Apple AirPods, you won't be able to charge these all with one cable, I really don't understand what heck Apple means by this.

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