Ripple XRP Binance Base Pair, “Sell Bitcoin Buy Ripple” And Bitcoin Price Hits New Low

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  1. Try using the cash app to buy your Bitcoin. I buy my Bitcoin through cash app then transfer it to binance exchange takes about 15 minutes at the most plus the fees are really low.

  2. Why would any of us be having a great day with Crypto crashing to new lows every day/week/month?…are people here shorting crypto? Am I missing something?….do you just not care about the reality of prices?…just happily discussing news while ignoring reality?….ok

  3. The SEC is saying we rule crypto, that’s garbage, they have no control over Bitcoin, they are there for banks, not us. They are a toothless tiger with no control over crypto, most Americans cannot buy into ICOS yet the SEC is saying we rule, they are the joke of the world, they are scarring people for the banks to keep going. The tech will rule not the SEC or banks.

  4. Ho Ho Ho!!! Many Ripples Everyone!! Good times are coming, may you receive soon millions of dollars for each XRP donated:
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  5. People will sell all their btc and btc will become very cheap …. billionaires comes in buys all btc btc goes 1million a coin?, same scenario in almost every stocks

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