Why Did Bitcoin Fall In Price?

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  1. Today I've been in a bank, watching a staff counting a wad of customer's money, feeling the money is merely a collection of papers. And then I felt BTC is more precious than those money, made of paper and ink. Humans are not as smart as you think, seeing this happening!!!

  2. BTC fall becouse this is his destitny. There are far more supreme technologies for the moment like XRP and ADA. You can't expect 10 years old PoW tech to rule the market forever.

  3. And eventually will hit bottom, bitcoin does not hold a real value, everyone who invests in bitcoin then bitcoin gains its value, so if people who invest thousands, or millions into it, then bitcoin's value increases, but if everyone stops investing into it and investors withdraw their money then bitcoin will not have any value, if you can right now withdraw your money before it is too late!!

  4. best way to stop this forking (stock splitting) problem, which is devaluing your asset, btc, is to encourage everyone when they receive one of these new coins to immediately sell them all for btc, would this be possible …

  5. Agreed. There's a lot of petty arguments and disrespect in the crypto community. This atmosphere gives crypto a bad tone. I understand conflict is healthy. But, when people are putting their egos ahead of BTC's development, or ETH's progress, then new investors are scared away. The blockchain community needs to grow out of this.

  6. guys open your eyes dont invest all your money into bitcoin. we are just in the beginning of adoption and we do really not know which of the coins will be adopted by all. i dont think we will have 100 coins used in the future. there will be one used by all people and then of course hundreds of token like stocks. but we will only use 1. You have to understand that its not only the investors who move the market this is not the stock market. miners have a huuuuuge influence and if these people dump bitcoin to "finance" a hard fork, and you have to understand these guys have been mining since 2013, and if bitcoin "core" mining is not profitable anymore it is possible that bitcoin and bitcoin cash flip positions. anything can happen nothing is certain. just like there is only playstation and xbox no sega genesis and whatnot. we need to follow whats happening and if we want to make money we need to do more then reading news articles. i learn more everyday and its not enough. im going to wait until next year to invest in bitcoin because all this has made me highly doubtfull. think about it. if segwit and lightning network does not work out and bitcoin cash abcdfg whatever gets adopted by the masses because its fast. all that bitcoin moontalk will be over. the war over adoption is not over.

  7. Numerous theories are circulating as to why the top-ranked cryptocurrency has taken such a nosedive. Curious on what everyone's take is on this?

  8. BTC has no internal value. Crypto value lies in the perception if the market. Last year the market thought Crypto was great. That lead to the ICO explosion. Now, the market perception have changed. Crypto got dessimated, including BTC. THE $19K BUBLE is gone, and will be gone unless there is evidence of some new value embraced by the market!

  9. with all these BTCH shenanigans it just Prove bitcoin Cash is not worth investing !!!!! seriously i dont want to put my money on cypto that is govern by OLD CHILDISH DELINQUENT……..

  10. Since I discovered the scalability problems with Bitcoin, I always thought Bitcoin cash would kind of be a replacement. Right now it is a race to capture the huge influx of cash that will come into crypto as a result of wide-spread adoption. Bitcoin has commodore 64 type efficiency at 7 transactions per second. I don't believe for one second that bitcoin is decentralized with most of the mining is done out of China. It's on the radar of top traditional financial institutions and some are moving more aggressively than others to get into crypto. The problem is Bitcoin is the brand name but 99% of average people don't know about its scalability issues. So the challenge is to keep the Bitcoin brand while also fix, fork, hard fork or whatever the scalability.

  11. If I create a coin and everyone wants it or give everyone with bitcoin address with coins gets my crypto I did not create more bitcoins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goddam!!!! This is not rocket science and just like the largest blockchain is the right one in bitcoin the right bitcoin is the one the market chooses! Again simple! ignore the forks or profit from them they are not important and do not have a large effect in the market anymore.

  12. It is just game which is played by professional traders . They knew there were lot of stop loss orders sitting just below $6000 so they pushed it down a little and stop losses were hit which caused the price to move lower where they probably closed their shorts . Now pro likely to accumulate long at lower prices . This kind of things happens all the time in stock market and Futures market Many people call this manipulation { mostly losers) but trading is the game of skill which requires decipline and knowledge of human psychology .

  13. Bitcoin did not have this much coverage since the last crash .what if brining attention back to bitcoin is the only way not only this XRP (USA) bitcoin (China) miraculously XRP was the quickest to recover and took 2nd place . Investors will look for what coin recover first .
    Just thoughts

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