CANCEL ALL ORDERS – 11.19.18 #Bitcoin technical analysis

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  1. my only insight is that from a political and economic perspective perspective BCH has absolutely not changed at all. The fact that a controversial fork has happened in the last month has no effect on the value proposition of BCH. for you to claim that BCH is "dead" and has "failed" is quite hasty and reactionary considering how long you have been in the space. like saying that bitcoin gold BTG proves that BTC has failed and will crash and burn because some controversial forks happened around it. anti BCH exchanges will give this as much air time as possible to drag BCH through the mud and suggest a new ticker symbol (absolutely RIDICULOUS) and the whole host of underhanded tactics they employ simply because some people chose to use BCH in a different way(same code) than BTC. this fork is not supported by anyone prominent and craig wright has been consistently proven dishonest and non-forthright. this fork is not something anyone asked for, but its getting attention because it is happening to the dark horse and this is a good look for BTC fanboys. None of this has anything to do with trading or TA though. as usual, very sound analysis. just that one note on that small part. but seriously, claiming the 4th largest crypto in the world has "failed"?

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