Covert Oculus Go Co-Op Gameplay – Pull Off A Heist In Virtual Reality

I team up with a mystery guest to play Covert on the Oculus Go. Covert is a co-op multiplayer game on Oculus Go where one player plays as the thief in VR …


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  1. Hello Mike great video on covert it is also great to see you with nathie in his studio I definitely want to see more of covert on both of your channels please play more this game. It looks very interesting have a good evening Mike. Have a blast with nathie maybe hit up a VR arcade together. Whatever you do together have a blast doing it. If you celebrate Thanksgiving have a good one.

  2. Great video! You guys should've switched places (in the game) for each other's channels. That way you'd have two original videos on each channel. I watched them both anyway. Haha

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