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  1. i bet this woman just played like 3 min in the game to review it.i found a lot of cover in the whole game you just need to search for it.the camera is bad but its still usefull.if you rush the game of course like some cod player of course you wont survive the fight.

  2. Idk about the consoles but defianatly give this game a try on the PC.Sure when I play the game the framerate is terrible and yea it lacks originality,content and different gameplay,but give it a shot its a really mediocre experience.Plus on the PC you can also use 1-8 for spells and f1-f4 for potions which is a big plus for me cuz thr spells and potions are preety good.And the stealth is sooo good its so intense and y it can be broken sometimes it never really got under my skin.Try it either rent it download it illegaly or buy it(for cheap price obv.) and you are gonna kill 6 hours of your life ^^.

  3. This game is more like third person call of duty modern warfare 2 than a Harry Potter game replacing guns with spells and grenades with throwable potions.


  5. Why the actual fuck does the invisibility cloak have a timer.

    The ministry level is fucking impossible, if you even manage to play that far into the game (ie if you aren't already dizzy from the fucked up camera in the first missions)

  6. I never liked IGN – they take games too nicely – Call of Duty Black Ops 2 9.3/10? You're kidding, it should be 6/10. And Medal of Honor is over-rated too, it's 6/10 for a shitty little experience that I would give a 4/10. Oh and probably only these 3 are too over-rated, rest are under-rated!! Haha joking!!

  7. The thing I hated most were the useless and pointless three part side mission that were mandatory. I was literally putting on the Invincibility cloak and skimming through the unaware death eaters, Even then without fighting anyone, these stupid missions wasted about an hour of my time…

  8. WHY DID EA SPOIL HARRY POTTER?!!!!! With all they're money, WTF!!!!!!!Bad programmers who r lazy to make a great game. And why the fuck did they make a part 2? NOBODY LIKES THIS

  9. This game should get some kind of reward for being one of the worst games of all time. It absolutely ruins one of my favorite franchises of all time, and is a quick, unpolished cash-in. The video games for Harry Potter 5 and 6 were actually decent, and I enjoyed playing them on the Wii. But this game, however, is an atrocious companion to the ultimate chapter in the Potter series, living up to no expectations set by the rest of the series whatsoever.

  10. That would just completely ruin the Harry Potter game series by turning it into a RPG, an RPG game genre CERTAINLY doesn't fit a Harry Potter game.

    I liked the older Harry Potter games, they were adventure typed and it was better.

  11. Ah I love Macedonia. Can't stand that F.Y.R.o.M.
    And the matter of Srbin is a bit complicated… too unstable term. No idea what it means anymore. Yugoslavia was the best.

  12. volim Jugoslavia najbolji vreminja, jas sum Makedonec, i will talk Eng. becouse i dont speak serbian that good, i saw you are from Priboj so ive serached it and got that you are from Serbia i dont wanted to offend you, ejj i zasto ne volis termin Srbin

  13. Wait, was that Serbian at the end? Heh, ne kontam bas sta si rekao. A i ne volim termin Srbin da budem iskren… nekoliko termina su izjednacili s tim tako da iskreno vise nemam pojma kako da zovem sebe. Mada ja najradije kazem da sam Jugosloven 🙂

  14. True they have some great games… from the time when they were still great. I never said that EA is only Harry Potter, but it's a fact that they have not come up with anything good lately (except for Mass Effect which I just got addicted to) But as good as 90% of the new games that bare the EA logo are bound to be a disaster. Ubisoft and Valve are amazing companies though. But Ubisoft needs to pull it together with that god damn DRM…

  15. if you are talking specifiecly about this game then i agree with you i hate this game its boring its made just for those harry poter fanboys, but EA dont have just Harry, they have a lot of other great games of cousrse that Harry potter games are failyiolrs but that doesnt mean that they are nothing, and for the costumer exp. they are the best they are caring (talking with personal exp.) so yea they have a lot of great games and EA is top 3 companies and thats a fact

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