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  1. i loved how this is basically a straight forward "brainless" 3rd person shooter which actually adresses that in the cutscene dialogue more than once but in the end finds a truly mesmerizing depth in the story.

  2. This game is a masterclass example of game design. What I like about Max Payne 3 is that it acknowledges it's an action game and embraces the fact: story and downtime are mainly reserved for cutscenes and gameplay consists almost exclusively of action (without a single qte). The presentation is still top notch even six years after the release and the visual style is immediately recognisable. Story is great, as is typical from Rockstar but they exceed better here than they do in GTA imo and that is due to the linearity, which keeps the pace in control. You have action/downtime, fun/drama at just the right moments. Also how they present Brazil is great and realistic in a way few games manage to depict a foreign and hostile country.

  3. I hate autopilot/long boring pointless cutscene games. More than half this game is watching it and the other half is the game forcing your character to move through the level after (each) encouter with enemies. if thats what you are looking for, then this game is perfect for you.

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