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  1. If you watched the entire video, you deserve a medal. I wanted to skip on iphone X videos and just enjoy the experience but instead this abomination was born. Don’t hate me. Thanks for watching fam =)

  2. I oddly love this kind of unboxing. You really need to do it more often lol, it feels authentic and uncensored. Btw, have been enjoying your computer reviews recently. I'm a phone guy but a definite newbie when it comes to PCs. Cheers!

  3. The guide to being Lew on Unbox Therapy
    1. Shout obnoxiously
    2. Wear a hipster hat and hoodie at all times
    3. Pull ridiculous faces and open your mouth wide whilst looking at the different cameras
    4. Shout the key words “WHAT?!” & “REALLY?!”
    5. Call out other people in the room and casually insult them
    6. Use your hands to drum on the table for pointless B-roll and jump cuts
    7. Slag off Apple, the company that made you!
    8. Needlessly reference Jack regularly

    Thank you, now you know how to be Lew.

  4. its ok dave it was the trying effort that matters! i love this vid because you were happy and you did waht you do : make good vids! thank you and have a good time with your life, god bless you

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