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  1. Stop buying new phones every 6-12 months then. I managed to keep going with my Galaxy S4 for nearly 5 years and would have gone longer with it had the battery not permanently died.

    People need to stop upgrading their phone when there's no reason to.

  2. And then there is the Fairphone: although only solving some of the problems, this seems to be the best effort yet.

    And no I am not advertising for the company, but because I am a proud owner of a Fairphone and support the ideas behind the product. If any other company sells a similar smartphone regarding ethics and environmental protection, I would always also support that. Maybe there already is one that I am unaware of, so just leave a comment if you know some.

  3. Translation: We need to give up technology, and 90% of you will be serfs who never get to ride in a car or own a computer. The top 10% or less will get to have this technology, "for the good of the planet." And of course, as the UN said, their hope is to first reduce the human population to 10% of what it is today, by about 2020 I think was the target date.

  4. Fossil fuels are the main factors of global warming??!?!?? WRONG. Cows and agriculture is. I believe agriculture is worse in terms of environmental damage both chemically, Labour wise and Is responsible for 94% Amazon destruction.

  5. Not only mobile phones should be recycled but also all electronic devices. I think that all companies should be responsible for circle of life for their products.

  6. It's good to know this, but the problem is that most of us are helpless even with this knowledge – how do we know which places are good to take e-waste for recycling? Why aren't the authorities regulating recyclers to avoid problems like this? When I trade in my phone how do I know where it goes? Why don't phone companies lower my bill once my phone is paid off so I have incentive to keep using my current phone rather than getting a new one? The problem has more to do with the opaque system that is in place, which has been set up so that most people have little hope of trying to avoid making the problem worse even if they want to.

  7. Why are we blaming all these world problems on smart phones? Sure Smart phone use these elements and the materials are sourced less than ideally but most open pit mining and worker exploitation is for a vast number of other products as well as smart phones. This video could have as easily been about electric cars or countless other "green" products. The world has loads of terrible problems that need fixing but there's no reason to point fingers at one little product.

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