Did Bitcoin and Crypto Hit Bottom? – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

The overall crypto and Bitcoin market dropped every more overnight. There is PANIC everywhere. Did we hit bottom for BTC or is there more to go? Tune in and hear what is going on today in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency world.

Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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  1. @UCI7M65p3A-D3P4v5qW8POxQ hey man! i just so your latest video! dont back down! i own xlm and with this drop i lost if i sel now only the profit i made in the last 2 weaks on this coin!i am onli sori thet my money are bloked in xlm right now and i cant buy more now! its the perfect time to buy in my opinion!before crypto i traded indices specialy ger 30 with was very volatile! this will have a huge come back ass soon as hits the botom and i thinck we are there or olmoast there! maybe i am rong but i am wiling to put my money on it!so if you have money just buy more then sel after the first major high ! then buy it agin low and sel agin at the high ! in a month you will do the profit thet covers the lost! for me..things arent thet bad! xlm is more then capleble to grow even in alow market 4 cents a pice with no problem! i think i will make some profit in amonth or 2! i am only sory thet i dident got this drop with money! i bot xlm a few hours befor the first drop :)) and i thit no way it wil go lower then this! it just was to much to soon and i missed the oportunity to grow my wallet! i am doing daily to grow my coins! everything i sell i rebuy at lower price! i am nost seling eny time soon my crypto for good! when i made my first investment in crypto was lower then today :)) xlm thets what i own!my first envestment in crypto was at the first botem this year :)and when i bot it i considered as a 5 yers investment!so i made money i am in profit and it was lees then a year!no market in the worl will get you the profit thet crypto gets you! people lost money with this drop! but how much money they made before the drop?? i am soy thet i so the potential on this market late! i will hold my xlm til it reaches the price i whant then i will sel and i will rebui it and a small part of any profit is going in storage on a permenent wallet witch will not be use for dayly tranzaction! thet 1 is long term like 5 to 10 years!love to here your opinion!

  2. I would love for these Bcash clowns to sell all their BTC and crash the market that would at least make BTC more decentralized but they don't have the balls.

  3. Investors in the traditional sector will NOT be looking for refuge in the crypto market. Wallstreet is freaking out about 4% down. Even if some of them DO cross over, they will FUD out with these types of dramatic drops in crypto. Realistically they will look at the charts and run screaming. There is no way to know where bottom is in a market like this. We could move sideways for 4 more months and then drop 20-30% again. That's not accounting for random bad things that could happen like more hacks or the like. People that are in it for the money don't really believe in DLT. They will not be the salvation of the market. Only adoption can do that. We are still 2 to 5 years out, I think. As much as I hate to say it, coins like xrp are probably going to be among the first adopted and actually used in the real world… I'm an XLM fan and hope that they are able to bank the under and un-banked of the world when they get internet beamed down to them by Musk's satellites. I'd rather miss out on xrp gains and wait for xlm to serve billions of individuals and small businesses. Xrp can have the banks… Amiright?

  4. I really like your channel. But I have to say, that I dont understand that you like TRX and XRP, when there are so many more interesting projects, that are much less scammy.

  5. Im invested in Nuls,Eos,Bat,Ont, MOSTLY….i invested $20,000 ….now at this time i got $5224…. im down 75%….
    For some reason im not stress about it……i have so much confidence that the coin i got will make me way over $20,000-..in 2-3 years…..

  6. it's like throwing harpoons at a whale, but with much more upside potential; downside maximum is bottom of the ocean; up Pluto?

  7. Roger and Craig are equally responsible for this mayhem. Why does the community even stand by for this? They are both getting friendly interviews on YouTube and cable news.

    When Craig said he didn't care if Bitcoin went to 1000, he obviously meant it. He and Roger deserve no respect. Their egos are out of control! A sociopath cannot have sympathy for others, they don't care!

    They both need to be exposed for the arrogant frauds that they are. CW is not SN! This whole "real Bitcoin" business is Bool Sheet!!!

  8. It was gox for 85% , but then again it’s dumb money this time so it could go that far, but not really there would have to be some kind of black swan event to get us to 3k

  9. Hi George. Thanks for being a calming influence. It’s like. When we listen to others and they’re trying to influence panic. I say, what does George say? And I always go to you to get real and stay calm.

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