How Low Will Bitcoin Go?

After bitcoin’s dramatic drop this month, what are the likely lower targets – and how do we calculate them? We explain.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


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  2. Glad that I stopped BTC since Nov17. I wonder where those buggers promoting HODL earlier. They are all gone from YouTube

  3. Cyber cash? Really? What is it’s actual tangible asset in reality? Should cyberspace take a dump, and it will, what do you have then? I saw a really nice Villa in COD for sale, there’s an asset for you…

  4. TLDR; The oligarchical minority (the real players/exploiters) are now dumping while the vast majority of ignorant (heavily propagandized) plebs are being WIPED OUT. There's no prediction necessary here as this is the way it always plays out under what's called "capitalism". A system that poisons everything it lays its foul hand on. Once again, the tyranny of the minority rules the day while the majority gets shit rammed down their throats for behaving exactly like the propaganda of the rich told them to.

  5. Please watch your own video.
    Listen for the baseless, moronic assumptions and simple minded brain dead conclusions that have no basis in reality in any way.
    It takes dumb as dog shit MORONS like you to create any figure for bitcoin, a ponzi scheme of the greatest order, a "coin" based on nothing.
    At least you don't claim that bitcoin is there to serve/save humanity.

  6. I've come from the future and I can tell you that it dips to $1200 then rises to $2500.
    It does not get used as the ww currency.
    A new currency will become the dominant force and it was called ZCash.

  7. Bitcoin is one of the greatest pump and dump schemes I've ever seen. Take something that is literally worthless, hype it, drive the price up until the greedy and the stupid jump in to drive it even higher, sell it and then sit back and laugh as it goes to zero. Within ten years bitcoin will be trading at $2 or less.

  8. Let's all HODL till at least $3.99 is left, then let's cash the last of our BCT for a happy meal….the toy might even be a collectable one day the we will finally "go to the moon"!!!

  9. Below $1,000. ALL burst bubbles go to where they started. Japan, Oil, Silver, Gold, NASDAQ, Shanghai Composite – ALL OF THEM WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. SHITCOIN/BITCON WILL BE WORSE BECAUSE IT IS WORTHLESS.

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  11. You were spot on again…good job (I also expected a bounce to $6k…guess that energy is still stored). Seems like we are waiting for levels now.

    Btw, RSI on Bitfinex BTCUSD is also on historical lows (lower than $150 bottom you were showing)…I guess this could mean reversal as well, similar to what happened there.

  12. Bitcoin and blockchain are most likely a government-sponsored "pawn shop" operation. People were encouraged to use them to buy grey or black market goods and the transaction details are stored within the blockchain, giving investigators and law enforcers a perfect record they can prosecute on any time in the future.

  13. Hopefully to zero! Crypto currency is an attempt to create value out of nothing. Pure virtual speculation like part of the stock market.

  14. It doesn't matter how low Bitcoin will go – there is only another $5000 to drop. Whether it drops to $1 or $4000 or somewhere in between it is purely academic – when the bear market ends it will start to go up again, and no-one will even remember where the bottom was. Unless Bitcoin hasn't got a future after all that is – in which case there's not a lot any of us can do about it. It seems to me though that Bitcoin has a future, all indications would suggest that.

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