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  1. When i first got the opportunity to use the vr headset, this was what im afraid society would turn out yo be, losing in touch of whats reality lol. Beautiful film btwww

  2. It would have been a more interesting video if it wasn't reinfocing gender stereotypes so blatently. -.-

    she: touches herself gets undressed
    he: smokes a cigarette

    she: seductively soakes in the tub
    he: just takes a shower

    she: touches herself in front of a mirror
    he: opens and drinks a can of beer

    she: plays with her lips
    he: pulls weights

    she: wonders around looking mermerized and lost
    he: gazes fiercly into the camera

    Everything she does, she does being aware of the camera and being looked at as a woman. He just does things.

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