Bounce Incoming?! | Bitcoin Is Currently Severely Oversold!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price going to bounce soon? Bitcoin is very oversold and I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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  1. 16 styczeń 2018 cena btc 12200$, 20 listopad 2018 cena btc 4400$. Cena spadnie ostatecznie do zera. Ludzie powinni to wiedzieć a nikt o tym nie mówi. Po wydobyciu wszystkich btc górnicy wyłączą koparki bo utrzymanie ich z samych prowizji nie będzie opłacalne. Koparki zostaną wyłączone i btc przestanie istnieć… Nikt tego nie zaprzeczy bo tak jest

  2. hahahhahahah this is ridiculous,. Bitcoin is about to drop into a 3 handle. Ultimately it will be 20 cents.
    Bye bye millennial wealth. You will now have to get a real job.

  3. All the fancy talk like its a stock…… it's not. There is no intrinsic value to bitcoin other than whatever people will pay for it. A stock is a share in a company that hopefully has some capital, real assets, and profits. A virtual currency has none of these and is only worth whatever people decide it is worth, which could become zero if people don't want it.

  4. Carl RSI means nothing in panic market mode. Oversold indicator isn't respected right now. 4k or lower is inevitable. and the ETP will not pressure the SEC to do anything. wake up man. i love ya brother but snap out of it. lol.

  5. Bitcoin cannot go up because of the boy like the moon, cause every single time bitcoin tries to go up, millions of people like the moon boy short, which means sell bitcoins, which is why btc price cannot go up any further and instantly go back down again. cheers folks.

  6. I want to buy at the lowest possible price. But it is a matter of judgement. I think it is heavily affected by the stock market.

  7. You guys ride a roller coaster with predictions. One minute you talk bull run $50k next minute you talk $3k death cross and now we are oversold. I will give you a dart board so you can have more chances to hit something

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