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  1. Dont buy this game. It's all repetition. It's not like Dark Souls or Hollow Knight where you are fairly challenged (mostly) and enemies are unique and fun. All the enemies in this game get dull and boring. The game badly uses precedurally generated enemies and makes the most repetitive level design possible. I wouldn't have minded so much if this was the first time these devs did this. But no… their last game, Jotun, had these SAME EXACT FLAWS. However, like jotun, the boss fights and art are quite fun.

  2. This game looks really cool. And the choice of becoming stronger in exchange for a darker ending? That sounds interesting. Thanks for putting this on my radar.

  3. Dear IGN, I still can't get over the fact that you completely missed "Hollow Knight" a few months ago. Their release date, almost simultaneously with the latest Zelda was a bad choice, but you're a huge gaming news site with enough resources. It's honestly THE best Metroidvania I've ever played (better than Ori, Guacamelee, Owl Boy etc.). Completely hand drawn, amazing art design, great level design and the music is not only beautiful, but fits the visuals perfectly to create an awesome atmosphere. The forefront story isn't the greatest, but the lore and the whole world design are deep, complex and very satisfying to get lost in. Although nobody likes to hear this comparison anymore, this time it truly fits: It's almost like a close relative to the original Dark Souls. On top of all that you get a huge world that will entertain you for 40+ hours for the price of just 15$. It's a modern Masterpiece that deserves every attention it can get. Trust me.

  4. "Oh no I have to learn new skills to beat this game, where is the casual mode?" IGN should stick to Call of Duty only since those are the only games who deserve a 8 and above according to their casual players who review games now.

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