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  1. Ima just say this theres alot of people saying (including myself) theres no animation nor tweening not even head bobbing (which is true) but some of you guys are just being harsh and even insulting the people who are saying "Woah this is so cool i love it!" for example, stop insulting people and yoshtea it's not criticizing.

    My opinion on this animation: I love the effects and background, the characters looks great but it should have atleast a little bit of movement.

    You guys can criticize my English and my grammar :/

  2. Woah there! Why so much hate! I mean appreciate the background and such! I personally enjoyed and I see sum effort in there! Making an animation takes a looooonngg time! Maybe Yosh just wanted too upload something for his fans and do this for fun! He was working very hard for the animation "don't feed the reptiles" so give him a break—

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