Bitcoin Price Drops Again! $2000 Next?
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today I talk about bitcoin price going down to 4800 sub 5k for a 80% retracement from all time high range. Cryptocurrency news and trading . Top 5 reasons Bitcoin and crypto is not dead hodl Ico crypto streamer Bitcoin news ETP etf approved crash drop rsi oversold bounce gold silver Mike Maloney max keiser stocks global economy Wealth Cycles fiat currency The Debt collapse hyper inflation crisis liberty dollar global inflation bank reserve gold coin government fed tom lee


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I am not a financial expert or advisor so please do your own research. No income is guaranteed with anything I mention. Do not risk more then you can afford to lose.


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  1. Human Psychology 101??‍♂️

    Bull market at $20K- This is life changing technology and you better invest now because it’s going to be $1 Million!
    Bear market at $4K- This is going to $1K and maybe even 0. You are crazy if you buy now!

  2. They dont want u using bitcoin they want u reliant on this bullshit ass system that make the poor finance the rich.. . u meant to be a slave Ija get a job is what they would tell u LMAO

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