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  1. Buy the game. Even if you don't play it for more than a couple hours. Support THQ Nordic so we can get Darksiders 4-5. This is the right time to show you're a true gamer. Support your fellow company that loves making these games as much you enjoy playing it.

  2. I have to say they did a really good job on darksiders 3, I still love the franchise, its not as good as the second one but I freaking love the boss fights on hardest difficulty, do yourself a favor and dont play it on anything less then the hardest difficulty, combat truly shines in this game except for some camera issues. Boss fights are really the star in this game with some epic soundtrack adding it.

    Honestly if they could combine the puzzles and exploration from the first 2 with the boss fights they have in 3, the franchise would truly be a masterpiece. That said I cant wait for the story to conclude with probably strife as the final horseman. PS please add horse riding again 😛

  3. high heels under water? i loved the first game – entire game felt different – having only seen your review though – i'm not sure what to make of it – underwhelmed as with FallOut 76 $60? no way jose.

  4. The camera in this game is god awful at times, especially when fighting more than a single enemy, which happens quite a bit as you can imagine. And the FPS stuttering and what not makes it hard to play at times, along with the weird technical bugs. Hopefully the devs can patch it up and clean it up – cuz its a really fun game and while not as good as say Darksiders 2 its a fun romp and certainly worthy of being called a Darksiders game.

  5. I really wanted to like the first one (bought it together with Darksiders II) when it was on sale on Steam but I never really got into it. Haven't even finished it. So if this one is the weakest of the 3, then I probably shouldn't buy it.

  6. This game is available in my country for INR 2165. That is roughly 30$. So I feel this game is worth playing at that price. The only turn off for me might be crashes. Everything else is good! And as usual, great review by ACG 🙂

  7. Loved the first Darksiders didn't really have alot of interest in the second for some reason, I think I just didn't like the look of death or his weapons. I men't to get to it but never did. I kinda have the same issue with this one, I really don't like the character design of Fury. I also hate whips in games. On top of those admittedly silly issues of mine I don't like the change to a more linear design. The reason I really liked the first one was all the cool Zelda esq dungeons and the great combat. This is one of those games where I can just tell I would be bored with after a few hours. I hope it does well though. The industry needs more bigger budget games that aren't massive AAA big money releases like the Battlefields and Red Deads (although I could deff use more games the quality of rdr2 haha).

  8. i think i will purchase this game it looks alright i think, but also because they went through so much just to push this sequel out good job devs

  9. I think it should be noted he was reviewing on a dated copy. There is a decent size day one patch that addresses most of his issues. Been playing all day with zero issues. The game is definitely a buy. Even karak seemed hesitate when he said wait for sale. I think he was on the fence due to technical issues which have now been fixed.

  10. Why does it perform so poorly when it looks like a PS3 game?!

    I played the first two games but I don't know if I'll bother with this one… maybe if it goes on deep sale & I'm bored with other games.

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