Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Technical Analysis November 24 2018

Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Technical Analysis November 24 2018 Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis 2018 Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis Bitcoin Price Trading Technical Analysis. Ripple coin price analysis. Ripple price prediction. Ripple technical analysis. Bitcoin Crash. Bitcoin Bubble Bitcoin price prediction 2018.

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  2. the New world order khazarian mafia uses cryptos to traffick children via the website Backpage com and Trump indicted it and now as the pedophiles are arrested their crypto holdings are immediately liquidated simple as that

  3. Its my understanding that 1 BTC costs approx $3200 to mine. IMHO I don't see BTC dropping below that level for any period of time. The miners are a powerful force and will certainly want to remain in profit.

  4. Good video. I noticed a comment that the viewer complained about a past target. People have to understand TA is not static that changes as the market moves forward. Calculus us a prime example.

  5. Bitcoin has died and resurrected in last 4 bear market from 2010-2016. Why? Those were early days when 99% of population were yet to invest in Bitcoin. But since 2017 everyone on Earth are already exposed to Bitcoin and everyone and anyone who wanted to invest in Bitcoin are already in. All the buyers on this planet are ALREADY in. There are no new investors since Jan 2018 to pump money to push Bitcoin price. This explains why BTC after Chinese New year dip which happens in every year failed to rebound. All the buying on Bitcoin is coming from existing investors who entered the game before 2016 and been through at least 1 bear cycle. This group represents less than 10% of all current Bitcoin holders. Approx 1 million or less. Korean investors are dumping BTC for BCD today.

  6. People need to stop listening to these Crypto-Traitors!
    Traders bring no more value to the space than poker players do to society!  
    Bitcoin adoption has nothing to do with profiting off of the backs of others on exchanges!
    It is not about institutional investors! 

    It is about people using BTC in commerce!

    All these Crypto-Youtubers with their click bait titles are interested in is building their own little click cult following, profit from referral links monetizing their channels ! None of them really make a living trading. If they did they wouldn't be streaming 24/7.

    Technical-analysis = Fortune-telling = Palm-reading = Crypto-astrology = total Bull?!
    If you believe in price prophets you probably believe in horoscopes. Any idiot will be right 50% of the time. Now if you and "but if" arguments like "support and resistance" to your prophecy you can be right all the time. Same tactics that fortune tellers and psychics use to scam their victims. 

    If you truly believe in the technology behind BTC:
    1. HODL long term. Only fools think they can get rich quick!
    2. Spend them when ever you can! Use them! Don't just speculate on the price!
    3. Set up your own node(s) and miner(s). Help grow and decentralize the network!
    4. Don't participate in shit-coin gambling! Alt coins serve a propose as test nets. None of the come even close to competing with BTC. Most of them are scams! Those who profit of pump and dump and pyramid scams are no better than the scammers themselves.
    5. Educate others 
    6. Support those that actually know what they are talking about and truly educate people! e.g. Andreas Antonopoulos. He never speaks of the prices and he doesn't read peoples palms!

  7. i sold all my bitcoin at 6400 and everyone said i was an idiot for thinking it will value 1k again. i just cut mult losses. you can find my comments on youtube and the bad reaction i recieved.

  8. Thanks Cryptoamd. Awesome as usual. Can you please give us any advice on how to survive a recession if 2008 relived 2.0 ?Not sure what to do. Thanks again.

  9. lol if you haven't been shorting this market starting from around 6k, you cannot call yourself a trader. this environment is a trader's wet dream right now. to all you eviscerated bulls out there, my bear clawz are dripping RED! ( ;

  10. You been calling these numbers for a while now quite a while as well as your ta you called out I think your fundamentals are working out like you were saying

  11. I'm glad you're helping us out Crypto AMD !! You're a good man. …yet, I would love to know at least your first name? … I am Al from Hawaii. (born and raised in jersey right outside of NYC) I used to take the train on the weekends to Penn Sta and party all the timein that part of town. Now I do it in Honolulu baby !! You are a great TA guy, just like Scott from Trade Crypto Live, and Waves 618. I usually agree with most of your comments and TA outlooks. rock On bro! (btw… I am a pro songwriter, so visit my page sometime and check out my tunes!)

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