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  1. Seriously, Kevin. I've learned more from you than some of the bigger players in this space. I appreciate the quality of your content, it's straight-forwardness and how developed your critical thinking skills are because you're willing to examine certain popular ideologies with a critical eye and tackle them. You've answered two big questions I always had in this one video.

  2. Hi Kevin, great video as always.. I have a question regarding the 2500 support, because you say it is based on volume profile and you don't see the price falling below 2500… is it because the volume profile below 2500 is substantially lower? what forms a bottom from a volume profile perspective?

  3. Came here from Marc De Mesel, I've lost 90% through listening to youtubers who really dont know anything about markets. Wish i would of found your channel sooner.

  4. heyman LOVING your videos,your ABSOLUTELY NO BS fair and smart style. You r f**king skilled kudos! .. I def would like to become a patreon, so basically as of right now if I choose the $10 means having then the same content as the $100 tier? Is it still possible? if yes: I am all in lol

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  6. $1800 is my best guess. We'll find out what the indicators tell us when we get there though. $2500 won't be enough to shake the market imho. $4200 is the weekly 200 EMA and I'm sure we'll get a bounce off from here to maybe around $4850~5200.

  7. hmmm, in this 20 minutes i heard nothing but repeating and some income you want to make , strange , you could summarize your vid in 2 minutes, yes i am exaterating, 30 seconds , i will show you how if you give give me 100 dollars monthly , jmho

  8. Great points made to bring some perspective. Also interesting is to notice how long it stayed in a sideways price range. I'll advice that you contact the best company to help you with trading solutions and best R.O.I… Telegram: +1 (412) 387-7409 or Email: thompsontrade1@

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