IMPORTANT: Bitcoin Crashed to $3600 – Where is the Bottom for BTC and Crypto?

Bitcoin just crashed again, this time to $3600. Fear is high and everyone is wondering how we got here. And people are asking, where is the bottom to Bitcoin.

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  1. With many crypto traders either capitulating or continuing to hold, the next few weeks of the year will be crucial in determining the next course of action in the crypto markets. This latest drop in price made many already awkward Thanksgiving conversations even more awkward.

  2. Look Around the Poker Table; If You Can’t See the Sucker, You’re It. The race to the bottom really has started. At this moment there are too many trading-bots and bot-sites activated and they will all start to sell to prevent further loss. In case of normal stock there is a real vallue behind it but in the case of virtual coins there is no real vallue only if you find the bigger fool who pays more. Example :Try to poker against a robot and you will loose, try to play poker with only robots at the table and everybody looses. I would say run while you can and take your loss or your next pizza wil be paid with a lott of bitcoins.

  3. 3000k ish is an 85% drop from it's highest last year. That is the time to purchase more and not just hold it but use it to increase the cap and popularity of BTC.

  4. Keep up the good work boss, these weak hands need to show some respect. They are like little kids that go cry when they don’t get what they want….

    I LOVE your videos, I watch every one of them.

  5. when BTC crashed last week ,i warned everyone about catching the falling knife
    george …i know you meant well, but please stop giving false hopes and encouraging your supporters to buy on dip …wait till we see some light at the end of the tunnel

  6. Thanks for your great and Interesting videos, I'm enjoying them a lot. If you joined the crypto movement in 2017 you should know that Now is one of the most Lucrative opportunity to grab and get Rich, and if you are Newer to the space, This fall in price will probably be the most lucrative opportunity you will ever encounter in the entire history of Crypto. You should never be scared of a Bear Market, In a bear market you learn to trade as a bear and in a bull market you trade as a Bull , we are in a Natural Correcting Market , my goal is to take advantage of the entire Channel if it hits bottom, in 2008 when the financial market collapsed , people became millionaires playing the short end, right now there are many that are profiting and prospering in these conditions. There are two types of traders” Those that do the LOOSING and those that do the WINNING, I prefer to be Winning, shout out to my Coach ROY MORGAN who has taught me well enough to survive these hard times. in a Bubble, people have False Euphoria and false hope, and the only people crying are the loosing Traders ,I feel more pity for Hodlers because all they do is fold hands and wait for a miracle to happen,It’s either you Survive through trading or Die Holding.Trading Is the only way out Now, why we wait on the better days ahead of us, to get more info about My Coach on his mail ( ) /Telegram Number +1-631-706-4129 He has a pattern you can use to generate consistent profits

  7. Mcdonalds drive thru: " Hi may I help you?"
    Customer: " May I get a big mac combo?"
    Mcdonalds drive thru: "Sure, that'll be 9 bitcoin. next window. thank you."

  8. the bottom was 10,000…. then 9500… then 8900… then 8000…. then 7500… etc etc etc… the truth is the bottom is 65 fucking cents. keep it real and quit bullshitting everyone. how is bitcoin going to continue if mining it costs a fortune and what about the fact that the mining manufacturers have stopped producing rigs or are bankrupt. You failed to mention the news about mining rigs for last 2 weeks unless i missed it. if i did it should be discussed in depth i think or more often. I don't believe any of the points you made in this video had a single thing to do with btc going down other than the last point that people are afraid and selling….. nobody gives a damn about tether or Bakkt.. or even knows or cares that stuff is going on. just being real George.

  9. First I just have to say that I have been buying more EVERY DIP and you do an AMAZING job keeping people positive but it is getting very hard to stay that way….thank you for all you do

  10. Lost half my portfolio to the fall in price of bitcoin
    Watched videos on here and came across Trader Josephine Raymond
    She helped me change my little 2BTC to 8BTC in two weeks
    you can contact her on to know more
    about her winning strategies

  11. Can someone explain to me how ANY cryptocurrency is worth ANYTHING? You don't get interest, dividends, (or in the case of growth stocks, the future expectation of a div.) Royalties, rent, etc. They can never produce cashflow. And no, more people using them doesn't make them more valuable. Mediums of exchanges don't become more valuable because more people use them, they MAY become more stable.

  12. I remember several months ago you said we were almost thru The the Depression Stage , Now you say you think we are at the Anger stage. I also Remember you saying 6000 was the Bottom and we are not going Below 6000. The Market has shown your Viewers that you have been Horribly Wrong and you aren’t as smart as you think you are. I could care les I sold in January. Don’t get me wrong I like your channel but remember people can’t pay Bills and buy Presents with Fundamentals. People the Next time use your Stop loss, and Double your stack or more you can Thank me Later

  13. All of you Crypto YouTubers are financially illiterate. There is no professional method that you understand. You guys ought to stop “advising” people on Crypto trading/investing. Most of you all don’t know what you are doing and you all panic like your subscribers when the coins fall and are too giddy when they rise. Some of us can see through the bs.

  14. At the start of this year an Elliot wave guru told me the bottom would be in the low hundreds and the rally after that could go to 50k. For what thats worth Ive always kept that in the back of my mind.

  15. Stop buying falling knives ppl.Remember, the lower these numbers are the bigger the % movments are …a 500usd to the downside can make you lose 25% of your money !!!!!!!!! we are entering in red zone ,lots of people will lost his whole investment …my advice :short or stay away ! even hodl is a good strategy as we should re-test 5k at some point …6k ? no ,not this year and probably not next year either ….im stunned how weak is bitcoin no buing pressure at all. we are heading to capitulation.good.

  16. After several dead cat bounce and short covering rallies, I forecast bitcoin to go to the $35 area by the end of 2019. Am I sure about this? No, I am not. It's just my gut feeling.

  17. and the best part in crypto you can lose more than 100% if you think its time to invest again to average out and markets crash even more. it could crash to 3k you invest and it crashes to 1.5k. You have lost additional 50% lol. Its fun seeing all these delusional boys crying. Many of you said btc wont be lower than 10k ever again and reality is, it could crash to 1k for new trend to start.

  18. YES! This is FANTASTIC! I NEVER thought I could buy a bitcoin at these prices ever again. It's like we all got to enter a time machine. Yes, our whole year of effort has been completely wiped out, but where is that fire, y'all? Just go to CMC and zoom in on 2011, (or any of the other times "bitcoin died"), THEN compare that part of the chart to what it looks like for this past year. Notice any similarities? It looks practically IDENTICAL except for the actual price points. Keep filling your baskets with whatever you can afford to lose. Next year, (or maybe the year after), it will lose 80% of it's value after going up 1000 percent or something obscene. It KEEPS doing this. Like I said the only difference is that it keeps going higher with each "bubble". Just remember this year next time and take your profits on the way up. Then sit back and wait for your time to pounce. Or don't. I'm just some guy. Idk shit, really.

  19. As far as i'm concerned, there is no 'crash' ! Just some over extended manipulated reversion to the longer term 'mean' levels…which in the ultra long term especially, can only (or rather has to !) logically only go UP, noting the overall fundamentals of the world financial system ! Some bastards currently trying to shake the herd to sell so they can buy @ cheap rates for their own longer term benefit !

    People will ultimately need to see thru all the 'acting' (especially from the fake news mass media & certain key characters etc.) in herd manipulation & not allow themselves to be anyhow pushed around as such by any rubbish price swings as such ! I won't rule out some bastard government manipulation too as part of the overall 'campaign' to try to 'control' the crypto-currency market.

  20. mhhmm i just delete all of my apps and just put everything in my wallet. i just dealt with this as a lost. It didnt feel so bad anymore to lost 10k atm^^

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