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  1. Notice the words “HTC Vive” never slipped through his mouth, despite the video being titled “VIRTUAL REALITY”. The only thing original about Oculus is the headset. Positional tracking, room scale, and hand presence are all thanks to Valve and HTC

  2. I honestly thought the date was wrong. A little late on the VR demo. The tech is on it's way out.. Unless VR headsets are actually affordable and you don't need a Crysis rig to play it.

  3. Honestly, VR is game-changing, life-changing even. I'm a tech-nerd but I was skeptical from the start until I tried and realized just how much it changes, how it immerses you completely. More VR stuff please! 😀

  4. Man I've played an arcade game back in 2005 which was a helicopter seat and the headset looks a lot like the virtual boy, however the graphics was so impressive compared to a virtual world at that time, i've been looking over the internet since 2011 when I saw the first Oculus and I haven't found anything at all

  5. My 1st experience with a VR headset was waaaaaay back in '94. It was a time when the idea of VR became commercially popular. There were a lot tech companies developing it but the technology was so primitive back then.

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