Bitcoin End Of Year Price Prediction And Ripple Bank Of America Rumour

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  1. The plunging price of bitcoin has left some investors disconsolate. Life comes at you fast in the crypto world, and investors who not long ago were waiting for the next surge in prices are now wondering if there is a bottom.

  2. Love your channel ? why? No stupid predictions like other YouTubers. Other YouTubers say the price will rise after this and that, and when the price don’t, come up will all kinds of excuses and then make follow up videos sounding like their fans were idiots thinking the price will rise…….. like Dusty, The Digital Asset Investor etc…..

  3. Bro, I swear I thiught I was subscribed to ur channel lol. Why? Because no matter what KIND OF VIDEO I WATCH on YouTube , next one starts with “HELLLLLO EVERYBODY, I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A GREAT DAY/MORNING BLAH, blah “ hehehe. Guess what…? I wasn’t Sub’d.
    Now I am ?.

    How did u get this to work bro? Some serious SEO work. Bravo. I’ll be developing a channel for my kid soon. Would love to learn how u mess with algorithms to make ur videos pop up so often.

  4. I own 2 Raw juice bars and have contacted Bitcoin atm to see about getting a couple in my shops. They responded and put me on a waiting list.i do hope to hear from them soon??

  5. As to your last comment/question, I was highly surprised to see the Cash App offering a very painless way to buy and withdraw BTC. Granted it's limited to that but the convenience factor cannot be understated. No lengthy verification process, I was able to, within a day, withdraw on a button click. You can purchase BTC without verification. I think if more people knew about this it would help?

  6. Nouriel Roubini has a Twitter account that he uses to express his opinion on Bitcoin, okay thats fine.
    Google: Jack Dorsey bitcoin…

    I think what we might be witnessing here is a quasi luddite being unwittingly drug through history, by their Twitter account, in real time.

    It just doesn't get any better. Thank you Satoshi! Thank you!

  7. Non sequitur: neither petty nor artist-baiting. This is not for Moonies; it is a grown up issue. However, it is a " buyer beware" issue. The over-reaction by the cover-up crowd amongst Ripple fans is a small red flag which probably will be noticed by authorities. "Why do the heathen rage…?'

  8. One theory the of why the crypto currency market is going down could be that the whales pulling out and waiting to join Bakkt platform with more security? Just a thought.

  9. please…people are broke again, to much debt! the only reason it hit $19k is because you can buy bitcoin with credit cards…. well the credit card companies stopped that and bitcoin crashed to $6k. if bitcoin hits $7k by years end, i will be really surprised…..really surprised!

  10. BOA part of Ripple's Global Payments Steering Group since 2016.. along side MUFG, Santander, UniCredit, Standard Chartered, Westpac Banking Corporation, and Royal Bank of Canada.. seems unlikely they won't join?

  11. Crypto should reach Gamers. As those understand more about virtual currency than anyone. And rather than using in new created digital currency for each and every game that has no real use other than the game itself. Crypto such as Ripple or others could be used to buy in game items etc. We know most game developers use it make a ton of money.

  12. Here is my email to Bitcoin Diamond foundation…
    Dear BCD Team,
    Thanks for all the hard work and efforts in developing BCD into a leading digital currency. Have you heard tobacco shops in France is selling Bitcoin vouchers? Here is great opportunity to sell BCD through them. People prefer to buy many cheap BCD than a fraction of expensive BTC. This is your pitch to them. Hope your team get deal soon to explode BCD value.

  13. That for your work man. Great info as always….!! Roubini and the like are tossers as the cryptos work very well. What has just happened over the last 10 years is amazing. Yes you always get losers and insecure people that blame everyone and everything to justify their place on this planet and their very low level of advancement. I see an amazing future before me. These people are so immature it embarrassing. But I am happy to tolerate these people as they help define who I am…!!

  14. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” ― Upton Sinclair, Roubini is an idiot!

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