Bitcoin CRASHING BELOW $4,000!! | The Never Ending BLOODBATH! | Key Support BROKEN!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Why is the bitcoin price falling? Manipulation? Well, I want to talk about why the Bitcoin price is crashing right now. I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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  3. When investigation prove that bitcoin had been prop up using other crypto money, $0 will be the bottom. Institutions investors are accumulating? It should be scammers are trying to prop it up again for another round of slaughter.

  4. My candid advice as someone who has made lots of money from bitcoin is never be discouraged with the current value as this trend presents a very critical and important time for turning in profit. Bitcoin keeps going down and has fallen below the recent support of $4000 and may go down further and find a new support at $3500. This is a serious nosedive from last week’s, but even that is looking pretty good by comparison. The great thing about looking at the current trend pattern and reading the news carefully is that bitcoin is at the brink of a reversal and a strong bull run which will trigger a quick rise which could still see bitcoin exceeding $10,000 before the year ends. The smart thing to do now and my advice is to buy as much bitcoin as you can as new assets or buy additional as a hodler but dont stop there. You still have to trade as the market forces currently favors trading and with this strategy, you can easily expand your portfolio while waiting for the very near bull run. A personal example as a summary is myself. I just bought 10btc at $36,702 and by trading most or all of it using a working strategy, i am very sure of making it into at least 30btc before the bull run and when that translates into a minimum of $10,000 per btc, i would rather leave the smart guys to do the math. I also would love to emphasize that you have to be careful in doing this. One person i would refer you seek his advice and guidance is Sabastian Cato (catosabastian@gmailcom) . He is someone i have worked with and used his strategies both in bullish and bearish markets and i could say i owe him my success today in the financial markets. His analysis are so sound and that helps him generate very accurate signals which i still use today. You can reach him by the mail address provided and ask him for any assistance you may need as regards cryptocurrency and how to profit as a trader

  5. The benchmark digital cryptocurrency has crashed through $US4000 in a sudden move on Sunday morning, dragging the market for digital coins with most seeing double-digit declines. As is usually the case with moves in cryptocurrency markets, it is hard to pinpoint a catalyst for the move, although it does follow a “fork” a week ago in Bitcoin Cash, an offshoot of the Bitcoin core currency.

  6. Guys, exactly same picture as 2014 desceending triangle: Support was 300 (now=6000); low after breaking support=165 (now = 3430); weekly RSI was, at low, = 28,65 (now, 28,95, weeklybar that closed yesterday). We are seeing sort of the low.!

  7. I predicted Bitcoin would crash to this price level, which is why I bought in around 3900. It is highly unlikely to crash below 3000. As my videos ( will show you this had to happen and as I said, was predicted by me just as the 2018 bear market was predicted by me. When the crashing is complete, probably between Nov 26 – 29, then a new short-term bull market will begin. This will last about three weeks to 2 months, although the longer term bear market may continue after that. But just because I've been right in my videos does not make me a financial advisor. So proceed at your own risk and not because of my opinions or successes. Best of luck out there.

  8. Just pull the technical analysis for a pyramid scheme and use that. There is no asset, there is no revenue, interest paid or dividends. Its not an investment. The floor is zero.

    Blockchain is a valuable technology. Putting a number in a blockchain wrapper does not give it value. Numbers are infinite.

  9. I find it funny that people think $4000 is low. Lol 4000 freaking dollars for 1 digital fairy dust token that does nothing for you. The only thing it does for you is inflate in value if people dumber than you are willing to pay more for it

  10. 4K is now major resistance if it doesnt trade back above and stay there for a few days. The only ray of hope is the insanely oversold condition the RSI is showing. Looks like a good year to buy shares in Vaseline!!!! HAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!HAHAHA!!!

  11. The only ones stupid enough to have bought Bitcoin in the last year, are the ones [ like me ] who have stacked a shitload of Silver in the last year. Oh my acheing ass.

  12. None of these :"Experts" are using real economic information to make predictions. They are drawing a bunch of lines on a graph that have no real meaning in the real world economy. Bitcoin "analysts" don't talk about market factors. They talk about "Feelings" and "Waves". It's ludicrous.

  13. lol bitcoin is burning and tech people are the only ones who hope it comes back a very elite few… the really smart people pulled out at $19k with all of the big profits

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