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  1. Got a question
    Still new to vr stuff so wanted to know what does vr headset work on (i mean the device(s))
    And are there some special games for vr headset or does any game work?

  2. What i really, really, really, really really don't like about VR is, we can see only haft hands. I feel disappointed whenever i played shooting game.. Why not full hands????

  3. Don’t be fooled this isn’t a better alternative, Ik it has a better resolution but the headset itself has no positional tracking and has a very low refresh rate which takes away the immersiveness. Just buy the oculus or higher grade wmr which has the same resolution as this guy with built in positional tracking.

  4. I am 10% Interested in Gaming and 90% Interested in Watching movies or Videos like exploring nature, cities, under sea experience, wild life and off course for the name of science some adult entertainment. Do i need to go with this Pimax 4K to fulfill my requirements as its price is only $249.99. Please respond so it will help me to make my decision. Thanks

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