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Bitcoin Realism & Maximalism. Bitcoin Cash and Satoshis Vision.

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? I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. I’m just a humble man with a great passion for all things block-chain, even tangle and block-lattice.

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  1. glad to see you are still around despite where we are at in the market cycle. you are a genuine dude who is not trying to sell anyone anything and thats why you are a great crypto youtuber. keep it man! once we finish this cycle, we'll all be wiser and laugh about it all 😉

  2. I remember when you started this channel. Your creativity has always been your strong point. Now that you have almost made it through a 90% retracement (in fiat valuations), I would have to say you are weathering it better than most crypto channels. The fools and speculators will return (to lose more fiat) when we get closer to the all time highs, and I honestly believe your channel will still be growing. Kudos to You!

  3. For mass adoption we need ETFs for the market, and we need you for broadcasting Crypto, seriously. You should start preparing for your own media site, along with Youtube, for living, and change the name as CryptoDaily Twice (10 min each). It’ll inflate double quarterly!

    Btw, I never thanked you for your video on VIBE ICO. That’s how I landed your channel originally. So thank you for the 240x top!! 🙂

  4. don't give up on this space please, we need you here to get us through this crypto winter.. When all will be dark and gray and 0 volatility… this channel will probably be my only source for news , so please don't fade away…. like others did

  5. Never invested into bitcoin cash always had a bad feeling about it. Instead I invested in BTC ETH and Litecoin and other altcoins projects I liked. Buying the dip.

  6. Can you measure how 'conform' a crypto currency is with the Satoshi vision whitepaper? No, it's 10 years old, he was an engineer; not a prophet.

  7. You are so one of the very best. Happy to hear you speak out against the alt-coin madness. I don't like alts at all, but what you say there is fair and cool.

  8. Keep the chill talks and perfect crypto memes coming. So glad you’re still uploading in this weird time. Without you I probably would’ve taken the loss back in the summer. ?

  9. I appreciate the passion, humor and most importantly practical information based on research that gives some needed perspective in a uniquely challenging market. Well done CryptoDaily! My favorite subscription

  10. Avoid PoW (a huge leak of value from the network to power generators) and key reasons for BTC to be the leading ledger fall away. The fact that the price can drop 83% at any time shows thing are still in flux. If we were starting over today, BTC would be a 'shitcoin'. We'd pick a network that scales well on-chain, does not leak value and supports smart contracts. Hmmmm…. GBYTE @Byteball

  11. Ask the average crypto user where you can read the success of a certain crypto currency and they will arrive in almost all cases with the sites of Coin Market Cap (CMC) or World Coin Index (WCI) or another marketcap website. The ranking in these lists gives, according to the users, an insight into the importance of a coin. The higher in the list the better. Marketcap is a number that attributes a completely fictitious value to a certain currency and is therefore an unsuitable instrument to help compile a ranking in importance. It does not provide insight into the amount of capital invested, it does not indicate the quality of the coin and it only says something about how cleverly the marketing people have put the coin on the market by manipulating the circulating supply.
    The total marketcap is also a completely nonsensical number because double counting takes place. Why do you still use this "bullshit" for your videos?

  12. 5:49 BTC core main devs are working for Blockstream corporation which is funded e.g. by AXA Strategic Ventures which has ties to many big banks, Rothschilds and Bilderberg group. BTC core main devs dictate what happens to BTC. They cripple BTC blockchain to make profits with side solutions like Liquid, LN etc. This means retarded worldwide adoption + making money for the banksters – win-win for the fuckers.

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