BTC Breakout Draws Near! | Bitcoin News Today: Nasdaq, Starbucks, Bakkt & ETF Update!!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Bakkt will help get a trustworthy Bitcoin price, the NYSE till launch Bitcoin futures, Starbucks will accept BTC and ETF News from the SEC chairmanJay Clayton. Also, the Bitcoin price breakout is getting closer. I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

1:12 Support & Resistance
4:18 EMA Ribbon Breakout!
5:33 Bull Flag?
7:06 STOCH & RSI
9:30 GOAL: Own 1 BTC
10:32 Starbucks Accept BTC?
11:58 Nasdaq BTC Futures
12:35 Jeffrey Specher Bullish
14:12 Bitstamp News
15:51 Futures Expiry Date
16:53 ETF News From SEC

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  1. Bitcoin its not cheap its expensive. No new buyers at 6k ,went down at 5 and 4k like knife in butter. I will add shorts as price goes higher. And what's about that green volume spikes coming out of nowere? That's not organic buying. Somebody is pumping this shitcoin just to dump it again

  2. Bitcoin is still trending lower and now seems to be forming a descending channel after its latest bounce. There appears to be no potential catalyst in sight that could unwind these losses, so traders might keep dumping their holdings.

  3. How do you know in the future it's gonna be to expensive for people to own a Bitcoin , btc could go to 50$ again and we can all own more btc , or a 1000$ still gaurnteeing btc will go up that much on the future just a hope and a dream..

  4. According to the 'Weekly Logo-rhythmic chart' on Trading View , it looks like we still need to head down. I think the weekly is the best parameter to look at, and maybe that's why so many of the pros say we're due to keep heading downward, maybe they use the weekly chart to get the 'Big Picture', you know what I mean?

    What do you think? Which chart do the famous Bitcoin pros look at and use? Can you please ask them? I think that would be interesting to find out.

  5. Bakkt delay due to high demand lol, more like due to CFTC not approving yet. and Clayton saying these things is him basically telling everyone to forget about ETF in 2018 IMO.

  6. Hi Carl. As faster more scalable platforms are introduced, (such as credits and hash-graph) do you think this will have a negative effect on the value of the Bitcoin I currently holding?

  7. For those who are asking, like myself, wether or not the NASDAQ futures are physical backed or cash settled, they have not disclosed that yet. Keep in mind that the CME cash settled futures launched on Dec 18th 2017. The exact day bitcoins bear market started.

  8. Firstly thx for your videos and knowledge Carl! Great stuff man

    At which point are you going to long? I 'm going to invest most of my not needed fiat savings and I could not live with a loss so I am waiting for a point where the long is very certain. Can you advice me?

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