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  1. Great video, definitely agree with a lot of these points. Rivian is definitely the most promising seeming new start up in that space, and I like that they took their time before making their announcement.

  2. Once BMW,Mercedes,Audi and Porsche start full time electric cars.. they will be ahead of Tesla in every aspect, Performance, looks, efficient and quality.

  3. Ehm…Nissan is already miles ahead of Tesla. But hey who cares , why talk about the maybe largest electic car seller if you can talk about a niche product like tesla and other small brands.

  4. Jaguar already outselling Tesla cars by 2:1 margin. And they only started. The Audi group will flood the market with Audi, VW, Porsche BEVs. And then there are lots of smaller players also rushing to the market. Tesla will be dead in a year or so.

  5. How did Tesla get where it is? Ford/GM literally everyone said the same things you just said, but about tesla…..Rivian just needs a "little" money. hell if tesla and Elon really care about the future they will encourage more electric car companies by allowing other cars to have access to their charging stations, maybe even for a fee.

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  7. Wasn't it the German Economy Minister who recently slammed BMW and Mercedes-Benz, asking them when they'll build an electric car "half as sexy as one by Tesla"?

  8. I dont think tesla is doing for competition. I feel like its bigger than that. Its more of a change the world perspective, make electric cars a thing, i think that was Elons point, and with all these people trying to compete against him in that market guess what hes vision is coming to life. Electric cars are becoming a thing which is what he wanted from the beginning.

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