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  1. Lets hear the random musings of two grown men playing a video game whilst neither of them seem to know what they are doing. Jesus, at least Digital Foundry and the like- give more qualified opinions. IGN's hire practices seem to be that if you like games and nerd culture, your qualified to work there.

  2. All guys saying 'ITS BETA' beta these days aren't BETA that use to be in past. This is how the final 1.0 will look like, believe me or not. You can still think R* will make 1000 of improvement and fix the economy but that ain't gonna happen.

    I'm not going to touch Online though, SP is awesome and I'll stick to it if I want to play.

  3. Enjoyed the story for the most part but have found the multiplayer beta quite boring to play so far. Hopefully they improve it for when it’s fully released.

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