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  1. Okay, some questions to those who are "brushed up on their sonic lore"
    1 If he didn't have the emeralds how would he move in space?
    2 In what sonic game(s) has reg sonic breathed in open space where there would be no alternative explanations?
    3 What power source/supply would super sonic use? (Rings, smash ball, ect)
    4 How would super sonic matter in a galaxy spanning attack?
    5 Isn't super sonic generally a short term thing in the games, what if he needs to last an extended period?
    6 When have chaos control teleports acted like the warp star did?
    7 How would he make a rift to time travel on his own?
    8 How would he know the chaos emeralds can enable time travel?
    9 If the chaos emerald time travel thing mentioned IS the one from Sonic 2006, WHY in heck would you bring that up!?

    I'm hardly a sonic expert nor have I played every sonic game though. (I know sonic CD involved time travel but i heard they used gates?)

  2. Everybody knows at this point that kirby survived because he is sakurai's child. And lowkey, sonic could've easily survived but was eliminated because of pikachu, sakurai(come on now), and even though sonic is one of my favorite game characters, did sakurai and nintendo really want a SEGA character to survive but not other nintendo licensed characters.(wow I sound like a fanboy but whatever).

  3. Sonic has ran through multiple universes to get back to his own universe, he mastered chaos control like Shadow who can use it without an emerald, he has stated that light speed is nothing to him, he can breathe in space, Sega has confirmed he's faster than light, and the Guinness Book of World records say that Sonic is the fastest video game character of all time.

  4. More like "It's my game you ungrateful shits I'm gonna make my oc survive because you are never satisfied and I've given up hope of ever pleasing you so I'll do my own thing".

  5. "Thus makes him the most believable one to escape an attack that evelopes the ends of the galaxy."

    Umm I'm pretty sure Sonic could've ran fast enough to warp speed in and out of that dimension but due to PLOT you wanted him to slow down and help Pikachu. You chose Kirby because that's your own creation. Nice try.

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